WARMER MIXTAPES #669 | by Adam Finkel [ALEK FIN]

1. James Blake | Not Long Now
On a whim, I went to see James Blake at The Music Box. Had no expectations, as I hadn't really heard much from him other then Klavierwerke. By the end of the first song I was completely floored. No Light shows, no Theatrics, just an hour of Dynamic, Minimal Mood-Making. This track is James Blake at his best in my opinion.

2. Grizzly Bear | Sleeping Ute
When I was mixing and mastering Better When, I was commuting to Malibu everyday through long and windy back roads that ended by the ocean. It was a long enough drive to listen through all of Veckatimest. Brings me back to that feeling of Pride I had in Writing, Recording and Producing a full length album by myself for the first time.

3. Jeff Buckley | Lilac Wine (Hope Foye Cover)
Discovered Jeff Buckley in the early stages of exploring guitar and vocal styles. Such an Insane Time, recording hundreds of ideas that never evolved into anything. I'd listen to Grace for inspiration on the way to and from work. One of the most Emotional vocal and Guitar performances I've ever heard.

4. Four Tet | Lion (Jamie XX Remix)
Jamie xx's beats are Deceivingly Simple, so much Detail and Texture in there. He's one of my favorite Minimal producers out there right now.

5. Flying Lotus | Heave(N)
The first time I heard Flying Lotus I was in my buddy's garage in Camarillo. Epic jams of all genres were held there almost 7 days a week. My friend Jon put on 1983 one night and I remember saying What the hell is this? How did he make those sounds?!. I still say the same thing every time I hear one of his new releases.

6. Tame Impala | Be Above It
Brings me back to the days of learning to play a Drum-set as a kid. Just playing along with everything I could get my hands on. The Louder and Crazier the beat the Better.

7. Thom Yorke | Cymbal Rush
Picked up a copy of The Eraser while on tour as a drummer for a Blues band based in Missouri. It was one of my only stints as a Studio player. Listened through it in a secluded part of the house we stayed in so no one would bother me. When the bridge in Cymbal Rush hit, right around 3:12, I got this overwhelming need to get out of there and make something of my own again. Soon after, I turned down the offer to stay on and went back to California to develop what would later become ALEK FIN.

8. Jon Brion | Bookstore
Jon Brion puts on a one-man show at Largo every Friday night in LA. One of the most Unique and Diverse performers I've ever seen. He evokes more Emotion in one minute of a track than most can do in an hour. I think he's one of the most underrated producers and songwriters of our time.

9. Sigur Rós | Valtari
Standing on a peak called Stone Monkey Gazing Over A Sea Of Clouds, watching the sunrise through the fog over Huangshan, China.

10. Shlohmo | wen uuu (Teebs Remix)
Three things come to mind: Jalapeño, Hermit Trail, Grand Canyon.