WARMER MIXTAPES #668 | by Jonathan Ehrens [Repelican/J.Ek] of White Life, The Art Department and Dungeonesse

1. Trina | Scream
This track of Trina's new mixtape is Slutty. I love it. Too apropos to actually fuck to, I prefer listening. I'm not sure who's actually singing, but a lack of credit leads me to believe it might be Trina herself - which is mind boggling cuz the singing is great.

2. Dreams | 4Runner
Washed out and cut-up 80s samples might make some eyes roll, but this duck-happy track keeps it fresh. Not to mention I'm a fucking sucker for this type of thing - don't care! Dreams is a really good producer.

3. Moti Cakes | She Jookin'
While it was Miami Jook that led me to find the unrelated genre-of-my-dreams, Chicago Juke, Miami's sound is so fun. Don't know where to find this track other than on YouTube, but its Low-Fidelity is Charming to me - guess I'm one precious asshole. One thing I love about Miami Jook music is the inevitable deadpan female voice over the hook, w/o any malisma or vocal acrobatics that are par for the course in, well, most Music.

4. DJ Jayhood | Lay It Down
I slept on this 2-year old track but now it's something I listen to on the reg. Bmore sound has really begun to dominate the entire East-Coast (save NY), Philly and Jersey in particular. This Jersey jam is Melodic Fun. Sorry for the Lateness! It's so hard keeping up with this shit.

5. Napolian | Rejoice
Don't know what to say about this other than it's a Trippy track with some Surreal vox that make me shiver.

6. Addison Groove | I Go Boom (DJ Rashad Remix)
DJ Rashad is just the best. I was lucky enough to live Teklife with him for about a week when we were DJing a show together in LA, and this dude DOESN'T STOP. I love Chicago Juke more than I should, I'm straight obsessed and when he approved at my early attempts to make some Juke tracks, I went home and made nothing but for a few months.

7. Chiffon | I Don't Need Nobody (Merk It Girl! Remix)
Chiffon and Fell Band are my 2 new favorite Baltimore bands, though both have yet to release an album. This track is a great preview of the skewered R&B that will blow yr mind as their Live show has been doing to Baltimoreans for the past few months.

8. AAAAA | Shine
This is a new LA duo called AAAAA (pronounced Straight A's) and they are killin' it right now. Their Hybrid Juke is some next level. They have a label called Immaterial Tech that's putting out a Juke-inspired EP of mine (Jynettix by J.Ek). They're former sort-of Break Core guys making Dance(?) beats which makes them Insane. Oh, but they stole that idea for a name from me...

9. The Tleilaxu Music Machine | A Strange Adventure
Another LA dude. This track is FIRE and the Morbid 2-Step breakdown is FUTURE. Producers in the Future should look to that moment as the day Everything changed.

10. Other Colors | What Else Remains (Demo)
Best song written last year hands down. If the Everly Brothers were in their 20's today, they could not write such a beautiful song. I know, too, that it's hard to be Compelling these days with Traditional Song-based Music, but this song stands out because of its TactSubtlety, Brevity and overall Magical Abilities.

+11. Leah Labelle | So Hot
I was mystified as to why Labelle wasn't huge last year, and I realized it's cuz her stuff, produced and written by Pharell and Jermain Dupri, was too good for any average person to handle. Really amazing that this caliber of Music is still coming out to this day!