WARMER MIXTAPES #671 | by Franklin Groen [FS Green]

1. The Diplomats | I'm Ready
Words simply can't describe how big of a Dipset fan I was. This song is just too much for me. The verses, the Powerful sample, the triple time beat... Too, too much, man.

2. Soil & "Pimp" Sessions | I-Rony
I unexpectedly witnessed an in-store performance by this Japanese Jazz band a few years ago and became an instant fan. I've seen them perform live 3 times now and this is just the Weirdest, yet Best, combination of Sound, Performance, and Style I've ever seen. Their music is labeled as Death Jazz, how can you not love it?

3. Frank Ocean | Voodoo
Voodoo is too good, it's too bad that it's only a minute and a half. I have to listen to this at least 10 times in a row before I can continue to the next song. In a way that minute and a half has its charms.

4. Dimlite | Roo (A Dedication)
I'm always intrigued by a song if I don't really know how it's created. I have no idea how to create certain sounds in this tune. I do know I can listen to this on repeat for an hour, easily.

5. Hudson Mohawke | Waldo's Gift
I head this song in Rustie's 2007 BTS Radio mix. I had been making beats for a couple of years then and the artists featured on BTS where a big inspiration. I remember this song coming on and I just lost it. I called up friends and told them I just discovered an artist who was producing outrageous beats like nothing I've ever heard before.

6. Kings Of Convenience | Peacetime Resistance
I discovered this song on vacation in Jamaica. We pretty much listened to Reggae and Dancehall all the time, except for breakfast. At breakfast we listened to Kings Of Convenience. The song really stuck with me and I listened to the album on repeat on my way back home. Now I reminisce of a great trip when I put this on.

7. Maya Jane Coles | Parallel Worlds
One of my favorite House tracks of last year. The groove just keeps on going and going. I listen to this in the car a lot, feeling like I'm in Need For Speed Underground.

8. Craig David | Booty Man
Back when this album came out, I had a cousin who was the first one I knew with a computer and Internet, and a Dreamcast. I used to play Dreamcast and listen to this album. Booty Man was my favorite song despite the fact that I had no idea what a booty man was. I was 11 and thought he was singing about a boogieman.

9. Angela Bofill | The Only Thing I Could Wish For
This is my Sunday tune, on Sundays I listen to Angie.

10. Jaheim | Me & My Bitch
When I was in High School, I went to New York for the first time. I had a Discman and to make sure that I did not got bored of my own music, I also took some CD's out of my sisters collection. I ended up listening to this Jaheim album a lot and this was my favorite track.