WARMER MIXTAPES #672 | by Thomas Azier

1. 18+ | Drawl
This is one of the tracks I came across on the Intertubes. The gritty features an animated stripper doing a little dance for us in, what seems to be, the Sea. The Dark R&B flavored sound excited me, the dirty lyrics.

2. Adept | The Wrestle
I've been to the same school with these guys, and around the time I move to Berlin, when I was 19, they released their one and only album: Adept. The sound was Extra Ordinaire. Electronic, Cold, Concrete Sound, and eventhough it featured Heavy Noise and Chaos it also featured, if you listen closely, good Songwriting. It taught me Music doesn't necessarily has to be beautiful. It can also excite.

3. Esser | Enmity
Met this guy through GUM, a small French label (Woodkid, The Shoes, etc.). His EP Enmity contains a few tracks that can be described as Minimal Wave. Retro and Current at the same time.

4. MIT | Pudong
These guys are from Berlin. There are not a lot of Cool Pop bands from Berlin but this is DEF one of them. I lived with the drummer in the same house for a while. I heard one of the Kraftwerk members was helping out during the process. Their song Pudong is inspired by the trips they made to China. This song reminds me of the Warschauerstrasse, a street in Berlin.

5. Daphni | Long
Just love this track and its bursts of white noises...

6. Timbaland & Magoo | Indian Flute (feat. Sebastian and Raje Shwari)
A group of my friends in Berlin always host parties where everyone is DJing the coolest Hip Hop and R&B. We dance and drink till the early mo'ning and dance to these gems.

7. Ricardo Villalobos | Dexter
This is one of the tracks that my friend and artist Ion Ludwig showed when we started hanging out and playing Live in various small clubs in Berlin. Stripping the Production down to its essence, a loop, that Dark bassline, makes it stand out. Hypnotic.

8. Les Paul & Mary Ford | Falling In Love With Love
First (Tape) Delays being used in a track. Les Paul, who invented Multitrack Recording and a lot of other stuff. There's a certain craftmanship to this track that I like and at the same time it feels Effortless. Something I'm looking for in my songs as well.

9. Kraftwerk | Nummern
What a Timeless track. You wouldn't believe when you read when this track was released. This beat! So Now. They were far ahead.

10. Apparat | Ash/Black Veil
Another Berlin piece of Art. His melody is Haunting.

+11. Soap&Skin | Vater
Took me a few times to get into it after my friend highly recommended this track. If you don't speak German: there's some Beautiful Dark Poetry in this song. This girl has a certain weight in her voice that makes her music Special. Especially because it's not in English I think these acts are Important. Even if you don't understand the lyrics, the mood will carry you and take you to several places.