WARMER MIXTAPES #679 | by Oliver Keogh [MYR14D]

1. Burial | Shell Of Light
My favourite Burial tune. The Old School reese synths and the Outro gets me every time. Enough said.

2. Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson | Change
My favourite Hip-Hop producer with a great collaboration from Guilty Simpson. The whole album is incredible but I think this is the best beat on there. The story in the lyrics and the Instrumental make it a Standout track.

3. Lukid | USSR
The closest thing you'll find to a Melody on Lonely At The Top, but he still manages to make it sound Off-Kilter and Haunting.

4. Dapayk & Padberg | Island (feat. Caro) (Nôze's Swim In Circles Remix)
A really Clever remix of an already great song - great hook especially. This pair's Original Body of Work is also something to look out for.

5. Actress | Always Human
One of Actress' more Straight Up tunes from Splazsh. Love the R'n'B cuts. Found a lot of inspiration from this tune from a Production standpoint.

6. Mutt | I Used To
My favourite Drum and Bass producer. He blends influences from Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass and Jungle Seamlessly. This particular tune was a vinyl I bought at the beginning of my collection and is still something I keep coming back to.

7. Ultraísta | Gold Dayzz (Maribou State Remix)
A sick up and coming outfit who are making lush House/Bass. This particular remix is definitely still one of my favourite tunes at the moment. Not even particularly a fan of the original, which I think is a testament to how good the remix is.

8. XXYYXX | Drug Life
Unlike the title might suggest, this is tune is really Pleasant and Chilled. It's got a Synth Pop vibe to it and is very different to most of the stuff XXYYXX usually makes. Great synths and Melody.

9. Elliott Smith | Angeles
Pretty Different to everything else on here, but it's an Iconic song by my favourite Singer Songwriter.

10. Onra | The Anthem
Some of the best sampling I've ever heard in a Hip-Hop tune. I grew an Unhealthy Obsession with smashing this tune out for months after first hearing it. An Absolute Classic and a great Party Tune.