WARMER MIXTAPES #680 | by Octavian Micu [Blacktee/Contemporist] of Corner Cuts

1. Kraftwerk | Aerodynamik
This track means so much to me, because it was the first ever Electronic track that I came across. My brother would go to a friend's house and record tracks onto cassettes, and would come home running just to listen to them again and again. He'd lock himself into his room and listen to hundreds of cassettes on an old Philips player, it was so exciting for him , as it was for me to listen to things that weren't on the radio at that time. And also this track has had a big influence on my Music Productions as well. Simply amazing track!

2. Suburban Knight | The Warning
This one is always with me where ever I go, it will never leave my iPod , because it’s the track that got me into the Techno movement. I think the first time I heard the track was on a random mix by a random person on a random site, can’t realy remember the name of the guy, but I think it was Robert Hood, not realy sure, Epic Nonetheless.

3. Link Wray And His Ray Men | Rumble
Always been in Love with this track, it’s the Definition of Badass, this track should be heard when looking the word badass in the dictionary. Have this on my iPod as well everywhere I go, never leave home without it , when it comes up on my iPod my mind always pictures a scene from an old Gangster movie, but I first heard it in a Rollerblading video.

4. The Castaways | Liar Liar
Liar Liar is the track that always cheers me up, got me out of a lot of bad moments, everyone should have a no worries track, this is mine.

5. Mala | Alicia
This is the first track I’ve ever played out in a Club ever, the first time I played a gig I opened with this track, I opened for SonOfKick, was such an amazing night for me, never gonna forget, thanks to ┼×tefan Ciob─ânete for making it happen. My brother introduced me to this track as well as many others, such a wonderful track from such a wonderful artist.

6. Etta James | I’d Rather Go Blind
My mother loves this track, she always is blasting it up in the car full volume, I would hear it from the parking lot, and it stuck in my head. My mom is also a big Music lover, I think that’s where I get it too, but the main influence when I was a child and to this day is my brother, I wouldn’t be making Music if it wasn’t for him.

7. Joy Division | Transmission 
The Rock And Roll phase I was into when I was 17 or 18 had this track as it’s Main Theme. At the time I was going through a Goth scene, I would listen to a lot of Bauhaus and Corpus Delicti, I still listen to them sometimes, although I find them a bit to much today, but you should never forget your past.

8. Blawan | Getting Me Down
This one has a big meaning to me because I heard it on the best night of my life, I call it Blawan night. He came to Bucharest and destroyed the dancefloor and this track was the weapon of Mass Destruction, never gonna forget the moment of that first drop, still gives me chills.

9. D Train | Walk On By
I heard this one when I was visiting my brother in London, I was in Camden, and there was an old Rastafarian guy who had a small record stand, but with a lot of great tracks. At first I didn’t really gave him much attention, but when I walked away he started playing this track, full blast, I had to stop and go back and ask him what the track was called, when the guy's voice comes in it just hits in that right spot, like he’s singing to your soul or something, I can’t realy explain it . We started talking and I spent like and hour there just listening to the most amazing Music my ears had ever heard. He was such a nice fella, I thank him from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to such tracks, wherever he might be.

10. Camp Lo | Luchini AKA (This Is It)
I was in my hometown’s Skatepark with a friend when I heard this track, my friend came up to me and said You got to hear this!... I put his headphones in and was transported back into the 90s, into those ghettos that you see in movies, Raw and Uncut , just like the track itself. The whole vibe of the track just makes you want to rob a Liquor Store. Would Love to find this on vinyl somewhere so that I could pin it up on my wall and look at it everytime I wake up in the morning.