WARMER MIXTAPES #686 | by Chrys Ryan of Rywolf

1. Prince And The Revolution | When Doves Cry
This song always hits a Personal Spot when it gets to the hook. In my mind, Prince does a great job of explaining his Strange Love Affair that he's in, while tracing his own problems back to his parents. It's almost as if he follows in their footsteps by creating his own Destructive Relationship. That idea mixed with how Groovy the Music is, makes it an Incredible Combo. Also the first time I heard this song was on Tape! It was very Exciting! Haha.

2. The Beatles | I Saw Her Standing There
There's not really a huge story behind this song. Just one of those songs that is so Raw and Straight to the Point. It makes me wanna Twist! I love it!

3. Stevie Wonder | Jesus Children Of America
Stevie may be my favorite artist of All Time! I love him and his Music. This sort of Spiritual warfare that he calls out in this song becomes more than just about Religion. Towards the end of the song he calls out... You betta tell... Your story fast!... And if you lie, it will come to pass!... I really feel his soul in this song. And him pleading for Honesty from the World. One of my fav's!

4. Death Cab For Cutie | Brothers On A Hotel Bed
This song is another Very Spiritual Song for me. It also has a Specific Bookmark in a Moment of my Life. I was sitting in my now ex-girlfriend's car. We were having a huge fight at 1 a.m., don't remember what it was about. Her iPod was on shuffle in the car as Background Music. And all I know is that when that song came on we stopped fighting. This Calmness fell over the two us. That was my first time hearing that song as well. I'll never forget that experience.

5. Michael Jackson | Just Good Friends (feat. Stevie Wonder)
One of the most underrated songs to me of All Time. Pure R&B and so much Energy. Michael starts the song with his way of being Charming that only he can pull off. And then Stevie throws that Energy back at him. I think the performances from these guys is what makes the song so damn Cool.

6. Gloria Gaynor | I Will Survive
A Classic Song that I think also defines the Sound of Disco. I performed this song when I was seven at Summer Camp Talent Show and the crowd went nuts!

7. Lauryn Hill | Doo Wop (That Thing)
Lauryn Hill is one of the illest Hip Hop artists of All Time. She has the swagger but still knows how to be Classy. I love the way this song speaks to both guys and girls about watching out for yourself.

8. Michael JacksonI Wanna Be Where You Are
I loovvvvve this tune. Every element of it makes it Amazing. Michael as a youngster is at his best on this song, then you have the beautiful Sound of the Strings combined with the Lyrics pleading for Love. It's another Great Song. My favorite line, You don't have to worry 'cause I'm comin', back to where I should've always stayed.

9. John Mayer | Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
John has a great performance in this song. Every lyric of this song hits me in the gut as well. When I had this song in my rotation, it felt as if John was directly singing about my relationship at the time. I was so haunted by it, but also baffled by the fact that it only took him just a few lyrics to describe my whole relationship.

10. Billy Preston | You've Got Me For Company
Billy is a Genius to me. I'm actually still kinda New to some of his Music, but when I heard this song I was blown away. It's a great Love song that has an Unique way of being very Personable.