WARMER MIXTAPES #685 | by David Darville [Young Piff] and Benjamin Hamilton [Sandor] of Young Piff & Sandor

SIDE A | by David Darville

1. 2Pac | Do For Love
Something about this track gets to me. Def love Tupac, him and Biggie are def my Top Two. The person singing this hook kills it as well. This song is def Inspiring.

2. Drake | Started From The Bottom
I'm really feeling this record, I love how Drake was Real on it. He didn't make up a bunch of stuff, he just told you how shit went down in his life. I respect that. The beat is too fly also!

3. Skrillex | First Of The Year (Equinox)
This video, Production, everything is sooo Ill, I honestly think this is the song that truly made me love EDM.

4. The Notorious B.I.G. | One More Chance
Big Poppa went in on this one. Showing that even ugly niggas got Swag, LOL, nah, but fa real, this is my shit. He speaks his mind, being a player that he is. This record is just str8 Swag.

5. Kendrick Lamar | Poetic Justice (feat. Drake)
This song right here is that New Age infused with Old School Conscious Rap. When I say Conscious I'm saying Rap with some Serious Substance behind it. That sample is str8 killer too, loved the message and they both ripped the track!

6. Eminem | If I Had...
This brings me back to days of being broke as shit, all of us kids talking 'bout what we would do if we had a million dollars. Eminem just went crazy on this, I love the not give a fuck attitude on the record. Def a Classic.

7. Michael Jackson | Human Nature
Got to put an MJ song in the list str8 up. He was one of best Entertainers ever, no, I'm not a dancer or anything, but his Music and Live performances inspire me. He perfected his craft. Legend.

8. Bob Marley And The Wailers | Redemption Song
Bob Marley is a Legend, I grew up on Reggae in the Bahamas. I would be telling you a lie if I said Reggae Music wasn't my first love!

9. Jadakiss | Put Ya Hands Up
I make Bucks like Milwaukee, 'cuz like Sam I could sell... LOL, when I heard that…DAMN, Instant Favorite.

10. OutKast | Aquemini
OutKast lyrics were way Ahead of their Time. I would have to rank Andre 3000 as one of the best MC's in the game. This song just puts me in that mood!

+11. John Legend Tonight (Best You Ever Had) (feat. Ludacris)
This song is just str8 up FIRE, our parents had Luther Vandross, The Temptations and what not for Baby Making, THIS IS BABY MAKING MUSIC, haha.

SIDE B | by Benjamin Hamilton

1. Swedish House Mafia | Don't You Worry Child (feat. John Martin)
Very Nice Feeling to the track, great message. Sometimes in Life we get discouraged, but this song builds me up.

2. The LOX | Money, Power & Respect (feat. DMX & Lil' Kim)
This was my shit back in the day coming up. Definitely used it as Motivation. The LOX destroyed this record.

3. The Game | Hate It Or Love It (feat. 50 Cent)
Simple. You could either hate me or love me. No Fakes in my circle.

4. Method Man | Judgement Day
Method Man went hard on this one, this just makes me feel good!

5. Mobb Deep | Survival Of The Fittest
This was my Hood Anthem, got me through some Rough Times. The message is Super Real on this record.

6. Dr. Dre | Forgot About Dre (feat. Eminem, Hittman)
Favorite track off the Chronic 2001, definitely one of my TOP ALBUMS of All Time. Eminem splashed on the scene in a big way on this joint.

7. Jay-Z | So Ghetto
Lyrical Mastermind on this one. Jay-Z spit str8 Fire on this. TOO DOPE.

8. Luniz | I Got 5 On It (feat. Michael Marshall)
Haha, we all know what this about, but shit now it's 20!

9. Nas | Life's A Bitch (feat. AZ)
Illmatic. Classic. Period.

10. The Roots | Don't Say Nuthin
I fuck with this record hard… It's HotTURN UP!