WARMER MIXTAPES #690 | by James Mathé [Barbarossa]

1. Stevie Wonder | Evil
It wouldn’t feel right to start with anyone else on a list of my favourite tracks. I have listened to Stevie Wonder throughout my Life and his Music continues to Move me. This track comes from my favourite record of his Music Of My Mind.

2. The Band | Don’t Do It (Marvin Gaye's 'Baby Don't You Do It' Cover)
I got into the Band a bit later and when I first heard them it changed the Way I Listened to Music Forever After. I first heard this track when I saw it on the Scorsese documentary The Last Waltz, nothing else I have heard gets me like the Groove of this track. Their Soul, Melody and Vocal Blend blows my Mind. This track features on the Live album Rock Of Ages.

3. Neil Young | Tonight’s The Night
My introduction to Neil Young was like many Harvest which I still totally Love, but when I think of my favourite tracks of his this is the one that comes to Mind. It is just so Raw, Exposed and it captures what he was going through at the Time. I love how they have just hit record and played, no Ironing out the mistakes.

4. Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn | It’s Me (feat. Rebecca Jordan)
This is the most Exciting Modern Record I have heard Recently. This guy comes from LA and like me is obsessed with Analogue Kit. The Production is Great and the songs are just so Strong and the vocalists he has singing on them are incredible. I just love the feel and riffs on this track.

5. The Staple Singers | The Weight (The Band Cover)
I was introduced to The Staple Singers again through the film The Last Waltz. If you mix one of the best songs ever written and the Best Gospel Vocal Group, you are going to get something pretty Magic and this is just Perfection for me.

6. Cos-Ber-Zam | Né Noya (Daphni Mix)
I have always been into Dan Snaith’s Music from Caribou’s early carnation Manitoba to his new solo project Daphni. It is so hard to make Electronic Music with Heart but he gets it right every time, it is so Tasteful. This track is my favourite on his new record.

7. D’Angelo | Brown Sugar
I got Totally Addicted to this record. Around the time it got released I was dj’ing out but I was playing Garage and Drum and Bass like stuff on the Nice 'N' Ripe label and LTJ Bukem, but when I came home this was the record I would put on and keep coming back to. The Grooves are Amazing, so Simple and Tight. His vocal is Incredible on this track and the sound of the rim shot is Hot.

8. Dirty Projectors | Thirsty And Miserable (Pitchfork Live) (Black Flag Cover)
I really Love the vocals on this track, they are so Creative with their Vocal Arrangements but it is not so clever that it loses heart. They did a Live session that you can see on Pitchfork and they do this track, if you do nothing else today, check that out, it is just him on Electric Guitar and the girls… Wish I could have been there for that.

9. Low | Dinosaur Act
The producer of my new record, Adem Ilhan, introduced me to this band way back. I went to see them play Things We Lost In The Fire in its entirety and it was one of the best gigs I have been to. Again it is just so Simple but so Moving. I am so excited to be supporting them in May this year, Life is at its best when it aligns like this.

10. Madlib The Beat Konducta | Stax (Strings)
A guy called Joe Flory (Primary 1, Amateur Best) introduced me to Madlib, we were in the studio chatting about stuff we were into at that time. When I checked it out I just got hooked, I Love how Wild the Production is and the Beats. I could have put down any track from this record as they are all are so Good, I just Love what he has done with the Strings, it’s such an Evocative Little Gem.