WARMER MIXTAPES #699 | by Mauro Copeta [Against Dave] and Massimo Bastasi (Great Master/Helreidh) of HARD TON

SIDE A | by Massimo Bastasi

1. Queensrÿche | Promised Land
One of the Most Exciting and Experimental Heavy Metal Albums Ever. Still Fresh after 20 years.

2. Justus Köhncke | Timecode (Lipps Inc.'s 'How Long' Remake)
This brilliant reinterpretation of Lipps Inc's Classic How Long makes my belly shake. I Love Justus' Personal Ironic Touch in Music.

3. Madonna | Hollywood (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duck Mix)
Stuart Price is a Genius, I do think he's one of the Best Producers of the Last Decade. Whether it is Les Rhythmes Digitales or Zoot Woman or whatever, His Classy Taste never fails to satisfy me.

4. Dream Theater | Pull Me Under
Images And Words... An Obscure Masterpiece, in which every single instrument play an Unique Role. Another of my Favorite Metal Bands Ever.

5. Donna Summer | I Feel Love
This is the Ultimate Party Time Track! Love to King Giorgio.

6. Daft Punk | Da Funk
A Classic I Always Enjoy. The Crazy 303 is so Heavy Metal to me.

7. George Michael | Too Funky
To me he's the Best Pop Singer in the World, and the video directed by Thierry Mugler made this track so Iconic, Fashionable, Timeless.

8. Tony Hadley | Save A Prayer (Duran Duran Cover)
OK, in my Imaginary Top Ten, he comes right after George Michael. This is his reinterpretation of Duran Duran's classic, and Mr. Simon Le Bon is doing the back vocals.

9. Peaches | Set It Off
The Teaches Of Peaches... So Dirty, so Real. When I met her at Lovebox a couple of years ago, I couldn't believe my eyes… I behaved like a teenager.

10. Iron Maiden | The Evil That Men Do
Inspired by Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, this is one the band's Classics. Attending an Iron Maiden show is an Experience You Better Try.

SIDE B | by Mauro Copeta

1. Luomo | The Present Lover
It's hard to pick up only one track of Luomo, when I first heard his first EP I Immediately felt in Love and I still keep listening to everything he does. He has created His Own Musical World, which is Something Very Rare, and his productions are always so Classy and Inspiring.

2. Mount Sims | No Yellow Lines (feat. Jeremy Dawson of Shiny Toy Guns)
This track is Simply a Masterpiece, what else could I add? If this World would be Right, this track would have been top 10 all over the World!

3. Duran Duran | The Chauffeur
One of the Best Tracks of the 80's, and the video is a Brilliant Tribute to one of my Favorite Photographers Ever, Helmut Newton. Pure Perfection.

4. Frankie Knuckles Pres. Director's Cut | Your Love (feat. Jamie Principle)
So Emotional, every time I listen to it, I get goosebumps.

5. Klein & M.B.O. | Dirty Talk (USA Connection)
This Classic is from 1982. Some say this was the Italian Start to Chicago House. Anyway, this is so Fresh that you can still play it after 30 years.

6. Jesus Loves You | Generations Of Love (Land Of Oz Mix)
I'm a Huge Fan of this project, when it was released I was Fascinated by the Name, the Music, the Concept, the Video (that features an appearance of Leigh Bowery). And I still think that the whole album is one of the Best Dance/Pop Albums Ever.

7. ESG | Moody
Raw, Effective, GroovySimply Irresistible. But when I've read the story about how the band was born, I kept loving it more and more. It was Truly a Family Affair.

8. Andrea Parker | The Unknown
I was so into Mo' Wax back in the 90's, Collecting Every Release as a Real Nerd. I Loved so Much this album from Andrea Parker, moving between Hip Hop and Detroit's Darkest Electro Groove.

9. Leila | Feeling (feat. Donna Paul)
Another great album I got Obsessed With, Like Weather by Leila. I was listening to it On and On, almost every dayIt's an Incredible and Personal Vision of Music. I think we miss a bit of this Courage in Music Production nowadays...

10. HARD TON | Time To Jack
The First Release is Never Forgotten! I still remember the Joy of holding OUR Own Vinyl, I felt like a Teenager, I've called all my best friends to say hey, it's here, it's Reeeeeal!.