WARMER MIXTAPES #704 | by Rafal Kopeć [Hoarfrost/Alter Ego/Kostzeva/Heartburn/Arbeit]

1. AC/DC  | Highway To Hell
It was my First Consciously Bought Album. I was a Child yet and I was Looking for My Music. That’s what my Love for the Heavy Sounds was Born, although in case of the AC/DC it wasn’t kept too long. But I will have a Sentiment to the Eponymous Composition for All My Life.

2. Joy Division | Decades
The Music of this group appeared in my player many years ago and stays in it until now. I Adore the Music of the end of ‘70s and ’80s, Cold Wave. When I listen to this Composition, I Always Feel Shivers. It makes me think about the Evanescence and, Aware of The Truth, that Every Day is Important.

3. The Exploited | Was It Me
I like many of the Exploited’s Compositions and many of them are Important to me, but I choose this one, because I listen to it Very Often. It is a Great Punch Line of the Last Album, with Trance Solo and Vocal of Watie, who tries to Sing, not to Scream. I like the Exploited, because of their Inflexibility. They Metamorphosed through the years, and they still Stay True.

4. Siekiera | Nowa Aleksandria
I like Everything by Siekiera, especially from the Time when Nowa Aleksandria appeared. I Appreciate their Lyrics and Music. The Phenomenon is that the group, during its 30-years History, played only a few concerts and Officially Released only two albums. Irrespective Siekiera is known all over the World and groups from many countries record covers of its Compositions.

5. Behemoth | From The Pagan Vastlands
I appreciate Behemoth, Especially the Old one, from the Beginning of their Activity. I have a respect for Nergal, although there are things which I don’t like. From The Pagan Vastlands has Power and, despite the fact that it was created many years ago, it is still played on the concerts.

6. Jacek Kaczmarski | Epitafium Dla Włodzimierza Wysockiego
In my opinion Kaczmarski is the One of the Greatest Polish artists. He is a Brilliant Poet. In his songs there is much about the Human, Loneliness and Looking for the Right Way in the Life. The Composition I chose is just about it. It’s Incredible, Emotional, Long Composition, Dedicated to Another Great artist.

7. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio | IMBECILE, My Idiot Lover
I started to be Interested in this group when its name appeared in one of the reviews of Hoarfrost’s albums. Somebody was looking for a Similarity between Hoarfrost‘s Music and Music of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (sic!). I was Surprised, because I didn’t know the Music of Ordo at that time and when I’d listened to it I Wondered where the author of the review had found the Similarity. I like the Composition, because it brings an Unique Mood. I am Grateful to the author of the review, because, thanks to him, I came to know this Interesting Group.

8. Within Temptation | Memories
I have Very Positive Memories Connected With Memories. We listened to this song on my Wedding Day. Later, this Composition was used in the Music Video that documented this Celebration. The song is Very Romantic, it tells about Love Stronger than Time or Death.

9. Atrax Morgue | Leave My Alone
When I need to Strong Kick, I turn on Marco Corbelli. His Music and His Life is an Insanity. It’s an Omnipresent Obsession of a Death. When I listened to his Music for the First Time it was a Love at First Heard. It was one of those moments when you hear a few sounds and you know... This is it!... I can call myself a Connoisseur of This Genre. Music of Corbelli is for me like a Stimulating Cup Of Coffee, just like the Music of Brighter Death Now.

10. Eluveitie | Inis Mona
When I first time heard the Music of this group I was in Ireland, where I was invited by my friend to play some concerts. It was a Wonderful Travel. The friend showed me and my wife Many Beautiful Places. He took us at the Ocean. He drove on the Beach, through the Offshore Waves. And we listened to the song.