WARMER MIXTAPES #705 | by Andreas Szego [AfterParty] of Mockba80

1. The Rapture | House Of Jelaous Lovers
The album Echoes is One of my Favourites Ever. These guys combines Electro and Post-Punk in a So Wonderful way. They have become a Very Important Inspiration for me when Writing Songs. Their Musical Energy is like a Rainbow. I started to Dance in Public after hearing this song! Awesome! More Cowbell!

2. Hot Chip | One Life Stand
I dind't know so much about Hot Chip before I saw them live in Sweden, 2010. The encounter with this band totally blew me away!! What a Powerful Musical Energy and Joy they bring! I remember that I started to laugh when I saw them almost like I was High, they made me Practically High! After the concert Hot Chip was the Inspiration that I Needed to Start Making Music Again. Thank You! I cant wait to se them play again.

3. The Knife | Pass This On
Angst, Angst and Dark Feelings. The Knife is my favourite Most Arty Music Band Ever. Their Sound is Their Own and No One Else's. They are Mythical.

4. Snap | Rhythm Is A Dancer
The Intro is Epic. The Synthesizer Couldn't Sound Better. The Heavy Bombastic Hits and the Dramatic Song. And then starts the Fattest Bass Ever. I get shivers every time I hear this one. I relate this song to my Puberty when you started to look at Girls at the Highschool Disco but was a bit Afraid.

5. Daft Punk | Around The World
This song is Perfection. I always get Happy listening to it. Daft Punk is the band that Continuously Evolve. They are and have always been a Very Important Inspiration for me. I must mention their new song Get Lucky which proves they don't care anything about Music Trends. They Simply Go Their Own Path.

6. The KLF | 3 A.M. Eternal
This is Art in it's Pure Form. I can't explain more.

7. Donna Summer | I Feel Love
Oh, the Synthezisers on this song is Like Heaven. I get Happy every time I hear it. Giorgio Moroder is the one responsible for the Production together with Donna Summer. Giorgio is a Fantastic guy with great Synth Skills, I adore him.

8. Joy Division | Transmission
I was Shaken when I heard this one For the First Time. Ian Curtis' Dark Voice, the Bass and Guitar together with the Heavy Drums. Darkness, Angst and Desperation. Dance, Dance, Dance to the Radio!

9. Silverbullit | Run
Silverbullit is a Swedish band, and I don't really understand why they aren't Worldwide Famous. This band is the Best Thing that happened in their genres since Joy Division! The Desperation in the singer's voice, the Anger and Angst. Run, Rebecka, to the one you Love!

10. Angelo Badalamenti | Twin Peaks Theme (Twin Peaks Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Written by Angelo Badalamenti. I Love Soundtracks and this is One of my Favourites. I even have it as my cellphone ring signal. The Feelings I get when I listen to this song are Strange. I feel Angst, Happiness and Relief at the Same Time.

+11. Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Maps
This is also one of my Music Video Shock Experience. It was my first encounter with YYY. When Karen O started to Sing I got goosebumps all over my body. The Feeling in the song brought me back to Frustrating Times involving Me and Girls and Loneliness. After watching the Music Video I had to turn of the TV. YYY felt for a moment to me like the Coolest Indie Act Ever. I aslo like the fact that the band doesn't have a Bass player and that they also uses Electronica in their songs.

+12. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five | The Message (feat. Melle Mel & Duke Bootee)
Of course I love this track because of the Synth/Electro Vintage Sound. I wish all Rap songs would Sound like this.

+13. a-ha | The Sun Always Shines On TV
a-ha has made a lot of Great Power Hits, and this is my favourite. The Synths and Mighty Morten Harket's voice makes me Remember my Early Years in the 80's, when Love was Still Possible.

+14. Le Tigre | Decaptacon
These girls Rock So Hard! I remeber throwing myself into the dancefloor when ever I heard it at an Indie Club. I love the instruments and the Though Rough song. I was Pretty Young when this song came, and I remember being Drunk a Lot. I also likes Le Tigre's Commitment to Politics, especially the one against Bush.

+15. bob hund | Mer Än Så Kan Ingen Bli
bob hund is One of my Favourite Bands Ever. They are from Sweden. Thomas Öberg is the singer and is Very Known for his Amazingly Brainteasing Lyrics. The Lyrics aren't Clear, but in a way... Totally Clear. The Interpretation is Very Free and Welcoming and will have a Certain Meaning for Just You. For me every bob hund song is talking to me Exactly in the Right Way. bob hund has Saved Me a Lot of Times when Confusion, Darkness and Sadness has been my Middlename Guiding Me Back to a Better State.