WARMER MIXTAPES #714 | by Kim Cameron of Side FX

1. James Taylor | Carolina On My Mind
James has a Way of Coloring a Song with Lyrics that just Make You See the Picture He is Painting.

2. Crowded House | Don't Stop Now
Reminds me of the Songs I Grew Up With.

3. Rascal Flatts | What Hurts The Most 
So Touching… Always Makes Me Sad.

4. Natalie Merchant | Life Is Sweet
Natalie's voice is so Powerful, Full of Emotion and this song just Hits It Right Between The Blood Veins for me… Because Life Is Sweet.

5. Colbie Caillat | Fallin' For You 
Colbie is such a Fun Songwriter. I Love her Conversations About Relationships, so Simple, but so Right to the Point. This one is Just Fun and I Can Always Relate.

6. Imogen Heap | First Train Home
She probably Influenced me The Most with my Dance/Electronica album. I can Always listen to her work.

7.  Fleetwood Mac | Landslide
A Classic that just Never Dies and Never Grows Old. Plus, the Way She Hits Those Low Notes are To Die For!

8. Muse | Madness 
A New Song, but I think This One Will Last a Long Time. Love the way they are mixing Electronic with RockVery Cool, Fresh, Memorable.

9. BT | Every Other Way (feat. JES)
Fell in Love with BT when I heard this song. You just Get Into This Cool Vibe Immediately.

10. Kylie Minogue | Get Outta My Way
Kylie is about Girl Power. Gotta Love her – In Every Way.