WARMER MIXTAPES #713 | by Greg Avau [Kid Noize] of Joshua

1. Boards Of Canada | Wildlife Analysis
An Introduction to Another Reality. Music Has The Right To Children. Yeah, that's Right!

2. Aphex Twin | Come To Daddy
Everybody in my school listened to Korn or other Neo Metal bands, but for me Aphex was Everything.

3. DJ Shadow | Midnight In A Perfect World
The Perfect World Doesn't Exist. Shadow Does.

4. Alec Empire | Everything Starts With A Fuck
This is my Dark Side. Hardcore and Breakcore are Great.

5. Kelley Polar | My Beauty In The Moon
I Love the Mix of Pop and Electronic Production. Old Synthesizers, Lyrics and the Voice.

6. The Pixies | Where Is My Mind?
Where Is My Mind?... That's a Good Question. What's their Secret?

7. Antony And The Johnsons | You Are My Sister
With this track I Remember I'm Not A Machine or a Projection of What I Wanna Be. I'm a Man because I Cry.

8. Johnny Cash | The Man Comes Around
I think Good Stories Makes Us Grow Up. Johnny Cash is my Favorite Storyteller.

9. John Lee Hooker | Tupelo Blues
One Microphone, One Perfect Track.

10. Beastie Boys | Sabotage
I'm a Bad Boy. After All.