WARMER MIXTAPES #721 | by Will Drury [Azure Maya]

1. Flying Lotus | Tea Leaf Dancers (feat. Andreya Triana)
This is One of the Few Songs that can Literally Give You a Physical High from the First Few Seconds of Listening. I only came across it the other day and have listened to it God Knows How Many Times Since. The way Flying Lotus can Grip Your Soul with his Harmonies and Subtle Use of Effects alongside Andreya Triana’s Amazing Vocals in such a Simplistic, Repetitive Song is Something to Be Respected.

2. Washed Out | Soft
This is One of my Favorite Songs to Drive To. Soft just Makes Me Feel Happy. Enough Said. I listened to it Extensively a couple of years ago When I First Discovered It. It has such a Light, Uplifting, Surreal Quality to it. This is Definitely One of Those Songs That Can Get Away with Excessive Use of Reverb.

3. DJ Shadow | Scale It Back (feat. Little Dragon)
I was shown this song by some friends in Connecticut a few weeks ago. I instantly described it as something I could die toNot in a Morbid Sense, more so in the Sense that It Places Me in a Perfect Equilibrium of Mental Balance. The Voice Digs Deep Into You and the Playful Time Signature Sets Up a Beautiful Performance of Stress and Release.

4. Toro Y Moi | Harm In Change
This song has One of the Best Structures I’ve Heard. I like to Forgo Any Sense of Structure when I Produce, but I’ve Got to Give It to Chaz Bundick – he’s Laid This One Out Real Nice. The Old School Synth Sounds and his Increasingly More Confident Vocals Tell an Interesting Story. It’s ANGRY! But at the Same Time… Comforting

5. Chet Faker | Cigarettes And Chocolate
I was standing in the Hi-Fi in Melbourne waiting to see Toro Y Moi and Washed Out do a show together when I heard this. It was his Opening Track as the Support Act. Chet Brings Forward a Very Natural Bass and Guitar Sound Throughout, but Compliments It So Well With his Unique Electronic Percussion and Eclectic use of Samples. I Immediately Tracked This Song Down Online When I Got Home. It’s No Wonder only months later he’s as Successful as He Is Now.

6. Amy Winehouse | Tears Dry On Their Own
I never listened to Winehouse Until Hearing About Her Death. I checked some stuff out and Loved This One. It was So Upbeat and Crammed with Emotion. I Sat Down to Write an Essay With It On Repeat – when I next checked iTunes, I’d clocked up 124 Consecutive Plays. I again listened to this song On Repeat during a walk from Oxford Circus to Camden Square in London to visit her house. It was a Great Walk that I Won’t Forget.

7. Tycho | A Walk
One of the Peak Experiences of my Life was during this song played Live. My friend showed me this track a few months before a festival that Tycho was headlining for. I Absolutely Loved It. Hearing it Live was... WOW. Just Fucking WOW. A Few Other Factors Contributed to Its WOW-ness, but All Things Considered – it was One of the Most Intense and Life-Enriching Musical Experiences I Have Ever Had.

8. John Mayer | Covered In Rain (Live)
This track is Exclusively Live. I Really Like That About It. There Is No Studio Version In Existence So It Has This Perfect, Unique, Singular Moment of Energy Trapped Within It. Mayer’s 6 minute Guitar Solo Tore My Face Off When I First Heard It. The Techniques Aren’t Anything Unheard Of, but there is Some Indistinguishable Element of Pure, Raw, Emotive Tone To It. The Crowd also Becomes Part of the Song.

9. Nujabes | Another Reflection
Layers. Layers. Layers. Nujabes (Rest In Beats) just Does Stuff To My Brain. He’s use of Jazz Piano, Distinct Drums and a Twist of His Own Essence Transport You Into The Elsewheres of Life.

10. Teebs | Yellow More New
Teebs has a Great Talent in Capturing the Sound of Air and Vinyl Together and Lets His Beats Drive Straight Through Them. Yellow More New couldn’t have come Into My Life at a More Inspiring, Integral Moment than it did.