WARMER MIXTAPES #725 | by Yan Wagner [Wagner] of Flying Turns

1. David Bowie | Ashes To Ashes
Reminds me of my Childhood, when Mother use to watch some David Bowie's VHS. He's Her Favorite Singer - I Came to Love Him Too, After A While. Absolute Class.

2. New York Citi Peech Boys | Life Is Something Special
The Vinyl Bearing the Highly Mythical Paradise Garage Logo, the Highly Gay Feel of the Whole Tune, Everything About This Record Makes You Feel Really Special.

3. Serge Gainsbourg | Sensuelle Et Sans Suite
The Anti Love Song by the Anti Hero of French Music. The Kind of Song You Want to Listen To All Day Long After a Heartbreak.

4. The Aphex Twin | Digeridoo
The First Aphex Twin Track I Heard. Not My Fav, but Chronolically Important. Was released on R&S Records, the Belgian label that also housed my fav House tune (the following)…

5. DJ Hell | My Definition Of House Music
Built around a David Byrne's sample, this tune is Genius. It's House Music, but it's also Way More Than That. I like to think that DJ Hell is a Genius of a Crook, Stealing To Make Things Better. Also check the NY Muscle album.

6. Steve Reich | Music For 18 Musicians
A 50 Minutes Piece, the One Record I Might Bring to a Desert Island. It's the Sound of Blood Flowing in Everyone's Veins, the Sound of Thoughts Bursting in the Human Brain.

7. Dopplereffekt | Technic 1200
I chose this one from the Gesamtkunstwerk album from Dopplereffekt, but it could've been Almost Any Track of the Album. True Minimalism, True Efficiency. I'm honored Mr. Mueller aka Gerald Donald accepted to remix one of the tracks of my first LP.

8. Suicide | Surrender
Tragical Love Song, it Could've Been the Soundtrack for a David Lynch Movie. Most Definitely Theatrical, the Kind of Song I Wish I Could Compose.

9. D.A.F. | Der Mussolini
I went to see D.A.F. Live for the Very First Time an year ago at a festival in Ghent. For the whole set my girlfriend and me had the Goosebumps. D.A.F. is probably My Favorite Band. Their First Records Will Never Sound Old. It's Eternity Turned Into Sweat and Ambiguity. Der Mussolini is their Most Famous Track and the First One I Heard As a Teenager. Instant Love.

10. Yello | You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess (UK Promo 12" Version)
This track features in the recent Metal Dance compilation by Trevor Jackson. Excellent Tune, it's Yesterday, Tomorrow and Today All At The Same Time.

+11. Liaisons Dangereuses | Aperitif De La Mort
A D.A.F. related band with a Very Short Career and Very Little Production. Los NiƱos Del Parque is the Only to Music, but the rest of the record is Darkly Amazing.

+12. Arnaud Rebotini | The First Thirteen Minutes Of Love
Arnaud's hommage to Tangerine Dream. I got to know better Arnaud when he produced my record early last year. He's a Great Guy, Oddly Minded, Great Artist.

+13. Tangerine Dream | Phaedra
Speaking of Tangerine Dream, Listen To That One With Your Headphones On. A Never Ending Journey.

+14. The Chemical Brothers | It Doesn't Matter
The Chemical Brothers are the First Live Show I Saw In My Entire Life, in Paris, circa 1997. They were touring for their second LP from which this song It Doesn't Matter is extracted. The First Big Musical Shock - I Saved Some Money To Get My First Synthetizer Right After It. I eventually bought a Little Yamaha Synth the year after. Although I Don't Really Listen To Their Records Anymore, I Owe Them Much Respect.

+15. Ron Trent | Altered States
The First Techno Track I Can Remember Listening To, it was Part of a French Compilation called Technoland or something like that. Long and Psychedelic, Just Like Any Good Techno Track Should Be.