WARMER MIXTAPES #726 | by Vanessa Brown [V V Brown]

1. Little Dragon | Twice
This song was So Beautiful and So Piercing that I Cried For Ages and Kept It On Repeat. I'm Now The Biggest Fan.

2. The Knife | Pass This On
This introduced me to them and I Loved Them Ever Since. There's Something Challenging about the Knife. They are Very Progressive.

3.  Bj√∂rk | All Is Full Of Love
It's the Video that Got Me the Most. It's Such a Beautiful Song with Real Emotions.

4. Factory Floor | Two Different Ways
You Can Dance To This All Day. It Hypnotises You. I was in a Really Sad Mood when I heard this and It Makes You Feel Powerful.

5. Haim | Forever
My Sister Showed Me This, she has Such Good Taste in Music. It Makes You Feel The Summer Wherever You Are.

6. A Tribe Called Quest | Check The Rhime
School Walk and my Walkman. This is All About School Memories.

7. Beverley Craven | Promise
This Made Me Want to Make Pop Music on a Piano. Emotional Love Songs. I think I was 11 When I First Heard This.

8. Kate Bush | Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
She Makes You Want To Run Through Forests and I Want To Run Up That Hill With Her. This Song is Genius. I Don't Think I Realised How Much So Until I Heard It A Few Years Ago.

9. Kim Burrell | Everlasting Life
She is my Vocal Hero. Gospel Music has a Massive Influence on My Life. I Really Believe that Gospel Music Lifts You Up.

10. Aphex Twin | Flim
This Makes Me Want To Try And Make Films, Literally.

+11. James Blake | The Wilhelm Scream (James Litherland's 'Where to Turn' Cover)
Genius. First album I have listen Front To Back Non Stop is A While. I Was Lying on my Bed when I First Heard This. I Was Blown Away.