WARMER MIXTAPES #731 | by Daniel Trudeau [Pregnant]

1. Pentangle | Willy O' Winsbury (Traditional Scottish Ballad)
I first listened to this song via my friend Elisabeth Wood's Birthday Mix she sent me from Germany. I, at that point, had No Physical Interaction with Elisabeth but we had made a Nice Pen Pal Connection. When I First Heard This Song it Really Solidified a Deep Sense of Knowing that the Internet Could Bring About Real Connections With People. The song is Hymnal and Folk-Esque. It Makes My Heart Beat a Little Slower Every Time I Hear It. It's a Classic Tale of Love Conquers Tradition As Far As I Know.

2. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band | Frownland
I am often Fond of Songs that Conjure Deep Peaceful Corrective Vibes (Messages from the Immaterial World). This song is the Epitome of Pop Music Taking the Role of Magical Sorcerer or Metaphysical Speaker. The Lyrics Make Me Want to Weep. It lets me know my True Worth in This World and Reminds Me of it Every Time I Hear It. R.I.P. Captain Beefheart. This song is my Quran or Bible.

3. Kenny Loggins | What A Fool Believes
And also The Doobie Brothers version with Michael McDonald... I have Little To No Connection to the Lyrics of this Song, but the Shear Reminiscence of the Song is Always Astounding to Me. I think Most of the Songs I Will List Here are Just Pure Sources of Power, Completely Un-Related to My Current Taste in Music. This Particular Song Takes Me Back to Days Before I Lived and When the Excitement of Pop-Music's Value As An Entity Could Really Get a Person Through the Day to Day. The Fade is Immense on This Song.

4. Daft Punk | Emotion
I hadn't heard this track yet back in 2007 or so when I was living in Sacramento, CA. I was living with my friend Joe in the Basement of a 2 Story House that had a Wee History as a House-Show Venue of Sorts. I had convinced Joe to move out from Portland, Oregon, and at the time we had been Living Together Down in the Basement for Almost 6 Months. Because I was in some way Responsible for him living in Sacramento I felt Responsible for his Experience at Some Points. We Would Take Mushrooms and Read the Bible Down There in the Basement, Pissing Off New Room Mates Above Us with Endless Noise Makings, etc. Mostly We Would Hermit in a Very Productive Way, Creating Art and Music, Treating the House like an "In-Residence" or Something. I remember Things Getting Really Emotional for the Both of Us in a Psychic way. The Experience of Living in a Place Famed for Some of its Local Musicians and Having Just Moved There in Combination Made the Experience Feel Like a Delousing of Illegitimate Character Flaws, Spiritual Cliché, and Un-Realistic Attitudes about the Drive to Make Art/Music. This song at that time Felt Like a Mark on the Time Line of Profound Life Changing Events.

5. INOJ | I Want To Be A Lady Baby
This Song is a Shrine to Me. As an Effeminate Man I Always Love Banger Lady Power Tunes Like These and I Remember Vaguely Hearing This Song as a Young Man and Feeling Strange About How Much I Loved It. I Grew Up In (to Say the Least) a Very Misogynist Environment. But Later in Life I was Re-Introduced to This Song and found it to be a Very Positive Sense of Female Energy and Power. I Listen to It When I Need to Remember That I Am a Powerful Individual and That I Do Have a Place in the World as a Healer and Spiritual Being.

6. Oneohtrix Point Never | Sleep Dealer 

With the Introduction of Sound as a Visual Art More So Than An Aural Art I Became Very Interested in Artists like Oneohtrix Point Never. I have Always Felt that the Music I make is Visual More So Than An Aural Experience, and Healing At That. This song is Comparable in My Mind to the Work of Visual Artists like Jeff Koons or any of the Camera Obscura Artists in that it Pours Cultural Inuendo's like a 40 Ounce in Memory of a Dead Homie. It's Undeniably Powerful and I've Found It to Be a Valuable Tool in Gauging One's Taste Against Mine. If I show Oneohtrix to a friend and they don't like it I often Black List them as a Tasteless Dumby (as Ignorant as That Is).

7. Grandaddy | Why Would I Want To Die 
Concrete Dunes. I never listened to much Nirvana. I always liked what I heard of Nirvana but Never Got Into It. There has always been Something Dated About It that Disturbed Me and I Always Felt Pressured to Listen To It Rather Than Free To Listen At My Own Discretion. I have gotten a Lot of Shit from Friends for Not Getting Into It. My Nirvana was Grandaddy. If ever there was a Reason for me to get into More Abrasive, Punky, Poppy Shit it was Grandaddy who gave me the Taste Buds, and while I will Openly Admit my Love for Grandaddy I will also admit that they were the First Inspiration for me to Feel Like I Could Make Music. I didn't play any instrument until about 18 years old and the way that Lytle composes these Simple Pop Songs and Makes Them Special by Texturizing Them Still Amazes Me. I Can Thank this Album for the Rest of My Life or I can just say l Love Grandaddy Albums of the Past. I do not like recent Lytle Solo Stuff however.

8. Hella | Been A Long Time Cousin
Since I have started in on this Adolescent Reminiscent Kick I will just Naturally Continue with Hella. As a child of the Sierra Nevada Foothills I listened to some Pretty Horrible Radio Friendly Shit when I Was Younger and one of the first introductions I got to the Obscure Use of Instruments was Hella. I remember hot-boxing Honda Civic's near the American River listening this album with a Cruddy Zeal. Finding that Being a Little Shit Head Stoner could Work Out for me After All, Realizing the Practical Uses of Word Play in Everyday Life. THIS SHIT IS HELLA GOOD. It will always have a Close Place to My Heart Regardless of Getting to Know Zach and Spencer on Limited Physical Vibrations and Learning that They Were Human Beings and Not Little Demon Deities from Another Dimension as I Previously Believed.

9. D'Angelo | Untitled (How Does It Feel)
I Will Always Appreciate This Song for How Fucking Slow the Beat Is. It Helped Me to Realize the Value in Slow and Simple. I had been playing As If I Could Be a Technical Musician for a Year or so at the Point that I Heard This Song. The Signifigance of This Song Deals Less with Life Events and More With Understanding that There Are Many Roles to Play in Music Other than that of Technical and Professional.

10. The Locust | Armless And Overactive + One Decent Leg (Safety Second, Body Last)
It Was a Cold Night. We had decided to go see The Locust play at a Shitty Indie Venue called the Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA. I think the rule of the venue was that If You Were 18 or Younger You Had To Stay In the Venue Until the Show Was Over. Don't Ask Me the Reasoning Behind that Rule. I Had Turned 20 maybe a Month Prior to the Show in Question and I Had Forgotten my I.D. We Dropped a Hit of Acid Each Before the Show and Entered the Venue Right as the Acid Started to Kick In. Everyone was so Ugly and Hilarious As the Night Drew On. The Locust Guitarist and Bassist Woodpeckered Away at Their Microphones As if They Had Huffed Gasoline Out Back Pre-Show. My Tow Accompanying Friends Looked Like Dali Caricatures. I Went Into the Bathroom After This Song and Tried to Breathe the Cold Air From Outside by Tilting My Head Up at a 45 Degree Angle. We Ate Taco Bell and It Felt Like the Food Was Falling Into A Trash Bag in my Torsoe.