WARMER MIXTAPES #732 | by Ben Samples [Samples] of Fresh2Death

1. School Of Seven Bells | Reappear
I Remixed this Song for my volume of Chill Works and It Features Wonderful Vocals and Melodies. I First Discovered School Of Seven Bells because they did a Guest Feature on Prefuse 73's Preparations album, which is One of My Favorite Prefuse 73 Albums.

2. Man Man | Gold Teeth
I was a huge fan of Man Man back in 2007 when I was working for the CU Boulder College Radio Station. Played this Song a Ton and recently heard it on an episode of Weeds, or rather they did a version of the Intro Song. Weeds has All These Different Artists Cover the Same Song for the Intro Scene so it's Actually an Interesting Way to Discover New Music. That being said, I remember seeing them in concert in this Tiny Venue and the dudes were all Dressed Up Like Gypsies and They Make Pirate Music. Basically Awesome Stuff.

3. Kings Of Convenience | Gold In The Air Of Summer
Beautiful Song with Vocals from Erlend Øye. I Guess it's a Love Song, but Makes Me Feel Good. Thinking About Doing a Chill Remix Version of It. Kings Of Convenience I think had a Troubled Song Making Career and Split Up. Always Funny to Hear that Bands that Make Mellow and Love-Based Songs Being at Each Other's Throats.

4. Zen Death Squad | Galaxy
This one is New from One of my Favorite Glitch Hop Acts from England (Probably My favorite Glitch Hop Act from England). It came out on a Muti Music compilation and it's Absolutely Wonderful. Handpicked by Dov, who runs the label, all the tracks on Clipping Paths 2 are Awesome. Muti is a great label and my first release through any label was Caribbean Heat On Acid Crunk Vol 2.

5. Cashmere Cat | Mirror Maru
Absolutely Wonderful Array of Instruments in this Track and Once the Harp Kicks In it's Just Amazing. It's basically a Piece of Music for Making Babies To.

6. Knife Party | Internet Friends (heRobust's Run Da Trap Bootleg)
heRobust is Blowing Up the Trap Scene and This Remix is Off the Chain. What He Did With That Song Is Amazing, It Was Such a Big Tune and He Blew It Up to Be Even Bigger. Also Trapped Out House is the New Thing.

7. NastyNasty | Virus
He just put this one up for Free Download and I've been a Huge Fan of his Work Since Day One. A Wonderful Dude that I've Had the Privilege of Playing a Ton of Shows Together With.

8. Knight Riderz | Illmatik
This one came out on Muti Music and is a Blapper of a Dance Song. Knight Riderz has a Consistent Output of Awesome Music.

9. Justin Martin | Molokini (Pezzner's Water Mammal Version)
When I first heard this track I was Driving Up To Northern California with Some Friends to Play a Show. I Instantly Loved It and How Crazy Animalistic It Is. Sometimes Music Should Just Be Super Fun and This is the Best Example. I think I Started Dancing Like a Gorilla, hahaa...

10. Cash Out | Cashing Out
Guilty Pleasure of the List. I Love Terrible Cheesy Hip Hop and Top 40 and this is the Best Example. One of those Songs You Just Have to Sing Along To, but Recently Listening To It I Realized You Can't Understand What The Eff This Guy Says on the Chorus, but That Doesn't Keep Everyone from Singing Along.