WARMER MIXTAPES #734 | by Tamara Saul

These are my favorite songs, not necessarily in this order. Also, if I did this list next week, it might turn out totally different! But this is my mood at the moment, and, hm, looking at it now, I guess I'm feeling kinda girlie. Some of these songs are also not the newest ones, but when I listen to a song and realize I love it, I'm trying not to listen to it too much, don't want to wear it out. I did that mistake setting The Morning by The Weeknd as my alarm sound. Never doing it again.

1. Kat Dahlia | Gangsta
Music is about that special feeling it creates when you're listening to it, or even recalling it, and this is what this song does for you, you can relate, it's true, but not pathetic. Simple spoken-like melody growing to a catchy chorus, plus Kat playing with her voice and speaking her heart out, what's not to like here! Let's be real, this could become a hymn for everyone trying to make it out there, no matter the field. Love this!

2. Syron | Here
It was very cold when I first heard this song, and I swear I could instantly feel the Summer Breeze, in the middle of the Winter! I guess that's what Syron planned to do anyway, and I just couldn't escape it. Love this beat, very playful, making you go get that cocktail, aww, and her starting with - early mornings and late nights - sounds like my life at the time! Sean Paul-ish, kinda, but in her own way. ...Even when I'm nowhere near ya... Can't help it but sing along! (I guess that's what she says here, I'm known for making up my own lyrics, haha)...

3. Angel Haze | Werkin Girls
This song is sooo dark, you instantly get that feeling telling you - this girl is dangerous, watch out. And yes, you should be watching out, she cuts the tension in the air with her words and her voice, using both like a weapon. It's all about the sound, but the message as well. This is the song you want to listen to when you want to regain that feeling of power and letting no one mess with you, you want something, you will work for it and get it! If Angel can do it, she makes you feel you can do it too, now that's what song is supposed to create.

4. Rochelle Jordan | Too Long
Rochelle is just wonderful. She will make you take her seriously while at the same time singing so smoothly and playfully. I don't know what's about that dark R 'n' B that makes me feel so good, ooh. This has definitely ROJO written all over it. She will tell you everything she wants and wrap it up in a nice melody and dark beat, kind of like a ribbon on it. This track makes Drake seem like a little boy in Rochelle's class. A good student though, lol.

5. Debian Blak | Can't Get Enough (feat. Neo Joshua)
This brings back that old feeling you wasn't even aware of you had, like a code written in you. Something about wanting 90's to come back, but also feeling it's 2013. Neo Joshua delivers that special spark after the beat's done its job. It's one of those tracks you instantly want to tell someone about. Not everyone, this is way more cool, but you know there is that friend that will just love it. This track is one of those I like to keep like a secret, but it's not fair, everyone should hear it! Here, Rowan, I'm making up for it now.

6. ASTR | Operate
Oh, God, that beat, that voice. This song gets me all worked up, love to listen to it when I'm going out, putting on my make-up, and wondering how the night it's going to end. Never tried to play it on an afterparty, but I'm guessing it would be an even better match. I don't know who these guys are, but this song makes me want to find out. I don't care about the video, I see this song in red-pink-turquoise-indigo-red-black.

7. French Fries | What To Do
A friend played me this song in Budapest, and instantly reminded me of Paris and partying in Social Club. God, I love Paris. This track makes you open up a bottle of gin, drink at someone's apartment, get to the club later on, go crazy and act like one of the woo-hoo girls. Makes you look silly, but happy. Imma go to Social, bitch, Imma go to Rex, bitch, Imma stay at home... NOT.

8. Shola Ama | Boyfriend
I feel that we really need to pay some respect to Shola. She's been doing her thing for so long, but the thing is - you want to stay relevant, and that's what she's doing. Now, when I listen to a song, I don't think about those stuff, it's just about what the song says and how it makes me feel, and, boy, does this song do it for me... It's fresh and yummy and wanna-play-it-with-that-someone, even thought she sings about another man. Still strawberry-forbidden-fruit-kinda-yummy. Toddla T is no fool.

9. Kris Mars | Meant To Be
My producer Mister Bibal told me about Kris Mars, they worked together on one of the tracks for Bibal's debut album Failure, also featuring me on Wanna Be. Oh, Kris was such a discovery. This song is kinda Disco-ish, 90s kinda beat, video, and his hair, oh, my. There's just much talent going on about Kris Mars. I really love his music and hope he won't stop. I think he changed his name to K. Briggs.

10. Miguel | How Many Drinks (Remix) (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
None, baby! I don't need to drink anything listening to this song, to still make me feel dizzy. Definitely a sexy, feel good kinda song. They sure did make a favor to other men who don't know how to ask a girl what they really want to ask. Miguel is not really my type, but, mommy, can he sing! I'm sure he did sing some girls into it, nevertheless, ahahah. Kendrick, on the other hand... I'll just say that he makes you trust what he says. Is it his sexy voice, or the raw, simple, truthful approach, or something else, I don't know, but he is sugar on top of this song.

+11. Rihanna | Hard (feat. Jeezy)
Girl Power! Hahaha, I just love it. Plus that video, Oh. Nuff said.