WARMER MIXTAPES #735 | by Scott Julian Nunan [Julian Maverick]

1. The Verve | Bitter Sweet Symphony
I love this song because it's so honest and holds a really dark but true message.

2. Miike Snow | Animal
This was the first Miike Snow song I connected with and the words and unique sound really grabbed me.

3. Nirvana | In Bloom
In the 90's bands like Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Smashing Pumpkins, were what I listened to, but more specifically Nirvana was really the act that inspired me to start a school three piece band and pick up the guitar and start writing Music. Growing up in a dysfunctional house hold and with out much to do in a small town, bands like Nirvana were rebellious and a type of therapy for a young 11 year old, the distortion pedals probably made me feel allot bigger then what I was.

4. Daft Punk | Television Rules The Nation
I don't know if it was a intentional bold statement, but the title pretty much speaks for its self.

5. Michael Jackson | Thriller 
MJ is a icon, but what attracts me most about this song is Quincy Jones' production, it's still a cool track years and years later.

6. Jeff Buckley | Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover)
I love Jeff Buckley's version and delivery of Leonard Cohen class song. There's a beautiful sadness feeling in this song.

7. The Jackson 5 | I Want You Back
I use to play bass in a Soul cover band and we would belt this one out in our sets, awesome bass line and brilliant song, makes a white man feel black.

8. Little Dragon | Sunshine
Love this track, very simple, but beautiful. Sounds like the Sunshine.

9. Solar Fields | Sky Trees
One of the most beautiful Electronic songs I've ever heard! Very euphoric.

10. Friendly Fires | Kiss Of Life
Love the Tribal drums and vibe of this track. Makes me wanna dance.