WARMER MIXTAPES #738 | by Rafael López Garnica [Rafael L. Garnica/Garnica] of GALGO and Submarino

Photos by Alx Connor

1. Metro Area | Caught Up
This music is one in a kind. This record is from 2002 and makes me remember my early times in my radio show. Makes a big smile on me. I respect this album with all my heart. Caught Up is in my memory since then.

2. Split | We Love You 1
I feel really, really happy when I listen to this jewel. It makes my day everytime I play it.

3. Laurent Garnier | The Man With The Red Face
Reminds me the parties we used to have back in the days. That sax blew my mind, it was so exciting to feel it while dancing with just a strobe light... Teenage era.

4. Ada | Forty Winks
This song in the middle of a set could be killer, despite that is very nostalgic and there's no kick, people's reactions could be very interesting. They can still dancing while listening to these arpeggio sounds.

5. Massive Attack | Protection (with Tracey Thorn)
An ex-girlfriend introduced me to Massive. With this album I understood the fusion between instruments and Electronic sounds. This is my favorite record ever.

6. Rafael L. Garnica | 3598
One of my first experiences with Audio softwares was with Fruity Loops. I made this track, full of loops and long as hell. I made my first EP with this track, printed about 20 covers and giving them to my friends. One of those demos ended in a journalist hands and he was the responsible to encourage me to start my solo career back in 2001.

7. DJ Shadow | Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain
I started driving when I was 17. My sister was out of town for a season and she let me drive her car. DJ Shadow was the soundtrack of that year. I had other tapes, but this one especially, Endtroducing....., was on repeat.

8. John Lennon | Imagine
I remember this vinyl at home. When I showed it to my grandpa he noticed the draw on the cover says No Joda (in English: Don't Fuck). I was surprised by this, but I didn't care too much. This album represents my childhood in my hometown.

9. Gustavo Cerati | Amor Amarillo
I used to exchange tapes when I was a kid, and this friend gives me a tape covered all on Yellow. I was like What the fuck is this?... The artist is Cerati and the album - Amor Amarillo (Yellow Love). That cassette was on repeat for a long time.

10. Guns N' Roses | Patience
I was about nine or ten when the Stereo was playing this song and I asked my friend where that was coming from and he replies, it's coming from the first FM Radio (in my hometown). Immediately I got hooked, since that day I listened to the radio for ages, recording songs, calling the station to play songs. That was fun.