WARMER MIXTAPES #739 | by Matteo Gottin and Mattia Nuzzo [Matt JR] of Relow/Mhod

SIDE A | by Mattia Nuzzo

1. David K | Meet You (Thomas Lizzara Remix)
This track changed my artist view of Music. It stimulates me to create this project, Relow, with my friend Matteo. Earlier I worked on my songs by myself, but on the end of 2012 I understood that with him I could have done great things! This track has everything I love in an Electronic song: powerful and emotional vocals, lots of dark atmospheres, sophisticated deep sounds, violins and pianos. Even if it's quite a fresh track, released on May 2012, I think it's my favorite track ever.

2. Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann | Dios
This track upset me every time! It reminds me of good and bad memories. I started listening to Electronic Music thanks to these two guys, they grew me up! You're never wrong when you play it! 10 minutes of adrenaline!

3.  Marc Romboy vs. Gui Boratto | Eurasia (Gui's Mix)
I remember that when this track was released it made sparks! Gui Boratto is my favorite artist, all his releases are fantastic and I have goosebumps every time! Eurasia is a work of Art!

4. Rosenstolz | Auch Im Regen (Tom Novy's 'Rainy Day' Vocal Mix)
This is a remix of a beautiful German song. I have goosebumps every time I listen to this track, it was an important piece of my life, it was with me in every situation I need it! I remember the first time I heard it, since that time I never stop being moved when I hear it!

5. Gui Boratto | This Is Not The End (Gui Boratto 2012 Mix)
Another track by Gui! This artwork, most recent than the other one, instills me the joy of life and happiness of dreams! When everything seems to go wrong, you can always get up and carry on! As the lyrics says: Only Heaven knows that this is not the end...

6. Spada | Arcobaleni
I think this track make known this talented Italian producer all over the World! He totally showed himself and his emotions in this track. A real trip with a lot of particularities and great sounds! Very nice and enjoyable track!

7. Matthew Herbert | It's Only (DJ Koze Remix)
This track is an obsession! I knew Koze only from few months ago, and after I listened to all of his releases, I understood that he is a genius! This track is a bomb on the dancefloor, with a powerful voice, grate flutes and huge bass, all combined in a groove and powerful track! It deserves all the success that it is having!

8. Paul Kalkbrenner | Azure
This track gives me a sort of inner peace. From my point of view, it's a track to listen to calm down and chill out, maybe after a workday or in a period full of stress! Sweet sounds with Natural atmospheres! I love it!

9. Candi Staton | Hallelujah Anyway (Larse Vocal Remix)
Personally, this track gives me the desire to dance, even if it could result in a little melancholy!

10. YSE | Magic In Your Eyes (feat. Frank H. Carter III) (Giom Remix)
With an Old School sound, this track gives me an endless happiness! It reminds me of the Summer with its huge rhythm and powerful vocal! The sound of the Sun and Sea, spending time with closest friends, enjoying Life in all of its particularity!

SIDE B | by Matteo Gottin

1. 2Pac | Ambitionz Az A Ridah 
In 1996, my daddy bought the album All Eyez On Me, a few months before the death of 2Pac. My father loves Music, specially Hip Hop and R'n'B, and he used to listen to it every Sunday morning! I remember when on a Sunday morning I woke up because my dad played this music on his Stereo. Ambitionz Az A Ridah, I think is the first song I ever heard, I was four when my father bought this album, and this song reminds me of my childhood and my daddy! I got close to Music thanks to my dad, he was the first that bought me some CDs and taught me how to use his dear Stereo! I love Hip Hop Music, I think 2Pac is the biggest, his flow and metrics are something extraordinary, but I listen mainly to Italian Underground Hip Hop artists like Kiave, Mecna or Mistaman. My approach to Music starts thanks to my daddy and, why not, thanks even to Tupac Shakur! So I think this is the most important song of my life emotionally speaking, not only Ambitionz Az A Ridah, but all this CD, that includes for example Life Goes On, which has an inner meaning to me! He dedicated it to two of his friends dead on the street. In this song I can feel his sorrow, and I can understand him.

2. Relow | Recalling Your Smile
This song is the runner-up of my life's songs. I made the most of it on the death anniversary of a childhood friend. I came back from my University that day, and I felt really sad, close to bursting into tears. I decided to throw my thoughts into Music and decided to create a new groove. I forced me to think only about happy moments we have spent together, especially from our childhood, and I created Recalling Your Smile. Every time I listen to it I feel a little bit sad, but I know I shouldn't, so this sense of sadness does not last long, because I created it with the intention of recall of his smile and the happy moments we spent together, and remembering that can only give me a smile!

3. Johnny Kaos, Alessandro D'Avenia | Oh Crazy
This song is a bomb! I love it, the powerful voice and the big groove are perfect together, as always in Johnny's songs! I grew up listening to Johnny's, I remember when La Mongolfiera was a must for DJs in our area, everyone wanted to play it! Johnny is a friend of us, he teaches us a lot, and he was always helpful giving us advice and encouraging us to do better! His passwords are Humility and Respect, and now he's having the success he deserves also thanks to this point of view! A real SelfMade man, and we value him a lot!

4. Tube & Berger | Free Tribe
Tube & Berger are simply genius! They don't miss a track, all their productions are brilliant and in every one there's something special! This track was released in 2010, and it's one of my favourite tracks still now! Every time I listen to it, I move up when on the first pause they introduce the pianos and the voice, and then when the groove starts again you can't stand still, you have to move! Brilliant track, I love it.

5. Redondo | Trippin'
This track is amazing! I love in Tech songs the powerful voice, and this song has the most powerful vocals! With the percussive groove and its House synths, it's a perfect song for the dancefloor, and for people who loves House! I discovered the duo Redondo thanks to this track, and now they are one of my favourite producers.

6. Fra'n'Kie | Vibrations
From Natura Viva, this track by Fra'n'Kie is a powerful mix of great vocals, nice groove, big bass and great House sounds! People have to move when they listen to it! This track makes me feel happy and gives me a sort of inner power for dancing all night long! Big up for Fra'n'kie that is a great producer, with great releases!

7. Butch | Aerobic (Siwell Remix)
I heard about Siwell thanks to this track, I didn't know him before. Now he's one of my best producers. I think his groove's got something special, I can't explain it, but his songs is a mix of percussions, snares and vocals that makes me happy and dancing! In this song he mixed the voice perfectly, when you hear it you have to move, and he created synths perfectly to involve you inside the song! The power of percussions is the feature I prefer of this track, mixed together in this sensational groove, they remain in your mind, even when the track is finished, you continue to sing it inside of you, remembering the sound and rhythm of these amazing percussions!

8. Bingo Players | Cry (Just A Little)
The House one! I love big vocals, and this remake of Piano In The Dark by Brenda Russell got all you search in an House song! When I listen to it I'm caught by the vocal, and brought back to Reality by the powerful groove and bass! I think people on the dancefloor appreciate this kind of Music, they could sing loudly and dance!

9. Swallen | Bulldozer
The Techno one! When I read some post on the web saying Kids Want Techno, I think about this song. It's a powerful BOMB. I can't find another word to describe it. The huge bass, and synths and sirens makes me mad! I played it only once in a club, and people went crazy! The only thing I can do when I listen to it is jump and push my hands up. I love the huge reverbered clap that appears sometimes, specially when the kick starts again after a pause. A great work, 5 stars songs, without a doubt!

10. Joris Voorn | Incident (Miyagi)
The Trip one! I don't really like, as my friend Mattia does, trippy songs, I prefer big basses and straight kicks, but this song is amazing! I have always thought Joris is a genius, since I heard The Secret, but this song is my favourite by him. Every time I listen to it, a lots of images start going through my mind. I remember the first time I listened to it, I started thinking about a fantastic place with a lot of hills and lakes. Since this time, every time I hear it, I think about green and blue. Every song for me has got an inner colour, related to the mood that it arouses in me, and this song arouse in me Tranquillity and Happiness!