WARMER MIXTAPES #746 | by Nathan Fake

1. Holden | Gone Feral
From James' new album, which is his most Extreme and Uncompromising work yet. James has always been one of my favourite artists, this track blew my mind. It's totally I'm back by the way.

2. Clark | Soft Eruptor
From the Iradelphic Sessions which Chris gave away on mp3. Painfully Beautiful. Clark is another of my All Time favourite musicians. He and james are Untouchable. His Music just sounds so Organic and Tangible, even the Heavy stuff. Completely Unique Production style.

3. Koreless | Sun
I love how Koreless has created his own niche of Beatless Club Music - I've seen him play Live a few times and people are totally having it to his set as if it's a full on Techno set, but there are no drums whatsoever, just Stark and Incredibly Coherent Rhythmic melodies/arps/chords, no posturing with Modular synths and shit, just a dude and his laptop smashing it out in his own Bizarre way.

4. Atoms For Peace | Default
My fave track off the album. Really Minimalist and Dry, but totally Anthemic. When the synth part goes in reverse it's totally hands-in-the-air. Seeing them play this Live is a rush.

5. Lone | Airglow Fires
New Lone on R&S. Crystal Clear House Music from Outer Space. Lone has changed his Sound Pallette a few times over the years, but is always 100% Unmistakably Him.

6. Tyler, The Creator | IFHY
Bonkers Genius Hip Hop. The beats and synths are beautiful and totally Hyperreal and his vocal delivery is wicked, great video too.

7. Legowelt | Elementz Of Houz Music (Actress Mix 1)
I can't really say any more about Actress that hasn't been said already, I just love how Effortlessly Cool and fat and heavy his Music is though. This remix is pretty Faithful to the original, but it's so fucking Actress and brilliant.

8. TNGHT | Bugg'n
I dunno if Hud Mo & Lunice made this record as a pisstake of Trap or what, but either way the two of them have pretty much finished off Trap with this tune, no-one needs to make another Trap tune ever again.

From his record The Boat Party which is totally full on intense Club Music. It's really raw and to the point, no bullshit/decoration, just straight up, heavy, distorted/saturated House/Techno.

10. Autechre | Bladelores
Kind of predictable me including an Autechre tune, but fuck it. Exai is a perfect example of how they are still just totally out on their own, middle finger to the rest of the Music World. This tune is fucking Unbelievable. Its placement in the album is perfect, the eye of the storm.