WARMER MIXTAPES #747 | by Slow Magic

1. The Beach Boys | God Only Knows
I grew up falling asleep to a cassette tape of the Beach Boys every night. I think it was a compilation of a lot of their work, I can't remember exactly the songs. But I feel like at a young, young age, the songs did something to my brain.

2. múm | Green Grass Of Tunnel
This album is essential for me. I remember first hearing the sounds come out of the speakers and going on a journey to a totally different place. It took me to a place I had never been, but a place that had very familiar surroundings.

3. Gold Panda | You
You, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you. Can't stop playing this song.

4. Aphex Twin | 4
Some of my favorite Drum Programming. Someone who went before and paved the way for a lot for us, and probably did it by accident.

5. Teen Daze | No Regrets
I first heard this song on a compilation and couldn't let the next song play. I kept going back to this one to hear every single detail. I love what he does.

6. Candy Claws | Sunbeam Show
The atmosphere and setting that Candy Claws create is beautiful. Their sound is brilliantly crafted and every tone fits right into place.

7. The Strokes | Hard To Explain
This is a song that I keep returning to. Such simple arrangement and melodies, but every time I hear it it inspires me to write something.

8. Sigur Rós | Untitled (aka Samskeyti) (Track 3 on ( ))
I first heard this song as the focal point of a wedding. As soon as the piano lead jumped an octave was when the bride walked down the isle.

9. M83 | Run Into Flowers
Give me peace and chemicals, I want to run into you.

10. Stars Of The Lid | The Daughters of Quiet Minds
As I was compiling the mixtape, I was listening to this song. Sometimes I think the best Music in the World is the Music that you can dream to. It is the beach boy's fault.