WARMER MIXTAPES #750 | by Charlie Brown

1. Lauryn Hill | Nothing Even Matters (feat. D'Angelo)
This is my All Time favourite mood setter! Undoubtedly one of the best songs to get in the mood for a date – take my advice on this one!

2. Usher | You Make Me Wanna...
This song holds quite significant meaning for me. It was when I heard this track for the first time that I knew I needed to pursue my dream of being a singer.

3. Mary J. Blige | Share My World
This is the title track from the first album I ever bought, and my favourite song from the record. Buying the album started my obsession with sleeves – memorising the entire thing from cover to cover so I knew who had written and produced each track.

4. Michael Jackson | Man In The Mirror
For me, the chorus of this song contains one of the most incredible melodies ever written. There’s not too much you can say about the King of Pop that hasn’t already been said, but it just blows me away every time!

5. John Legend | Ordinary People
As a Song Writer, I like being able to write a song that people can relate to, and no one does it better than John Legend. In my top 10, this is probably one that most people can, or have, connected with.

6. Brandy | Top Of The World (feat. Mase)
There are certain songs that everyone has that remind them of a particular time in their lives. This track reminds me of some of the best memories I have throughout my teenage years.

7. Richard Marx | Right Here Waiting
This was the song that I always used to sing at auditions and Label meetings. Not sure if it helped or not!

8. Stevie Wonder | Lately
Felt like I had to put a Stevie song in here. And this is one of my All Time favourite ballads!

9. Donell Jones | U Know What’s Up (feat. Left Eye)
Choosing this song is sort of like two birds with one stone for me. These are my two favourite artists of the 90s collaborating on a great track.

10. Charlie Brown | On My Way
Making this list of meaningful songs, I felt like I had to put this in. This was my debut single and will always remain one of my most important tracks, so I couldn’t leave it out!