WARMER MIXTAPES #751 | by Maxim T. [lowslow/prkrsr/NEW FEΔR]

1. AYSHAY | Muslim Trance
This is my permanent Acid trip soundtrack. When I heard this for the first time my thoughts were: I need to listen to it while tripping. A few weeks later I dropped Acid at my friends home. Damn, that was intense. I was lying on the floor, crying and enjoying some bright visuals with Arabian Night flavor. It made huge influence on me. I've become a big fan of Mid-Eastern Music, Calligraphy and Landscapes since then.

2. Akira Yamaoka | Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me
This track is from Silent Hill 3 OST. I was always too scared to play any game from Silent Hill series, but enjoyed to watch how my father played it on PS and later PS2. A few years after that I downloaded OST for the first three parts of these series. That was something. Depressive piano and Trip-Hop beats, pure Ambient tracks. All these soundtracks are brilliant. And this is my favorite song out of the list.

3. Björk | Bachelorette
When I was little kid Björk's Music Videos creeped me out. Especially Human Behavior. So I had a Negative association since then. But when I was 15 or something like that I saw a fan made Music Video which used footages from anime Shojo Kakumei Utena and Bachelorette song by Björk. Since then I'm a fanboy.

4. Mikhail Krug | Fraer
Krug is a legend. Period. He's 2Pac in world of Russian Chanson. This song tells a Love story between a girl from Criminal world and a cop. They met in a bar/Snooker Club. The cop was in Civil clothes so she didn't knew who he was. Long story short: when the truth about them came up the cop said that he'll visit her in a few days. But never did. *sigh* Pig.

5. 2Pac | Violent
2Pac is 2Pac. I like the story and the moral this song tells. Can't say much. Just enjoying.

6. Spark Master Tape | Syrup Splash
I totally fuck with this shit. Whole mixtape is brilliant. But this track... That sample with the girl’s vocals is just something. Check this guy out.

7. Shpongle | Divine Moments Of Truth
What can I say about Shpongle? Turn on, tune in, drop out. Heard them in High School and am still enjoying their Music. Their Production is beyond my understanding.

8. The Future Sound Of London | Translations 3 - The Lovers
A great track from a great band. Discovered them in 2003-2004. Haven't heard much Electronic Music before (except The Prodigy - my first love). FSOL blew my mind back then and keeps doing it since. Another example of great combination of Ethno and Electronic Sound. You can't resist.

9. Ministry | Work For Love
This song kick-started my New Wave/Synth-Pop Lovestory. I heard their latest works when I was a teen. Didn't dig it back then. But three years ago I decided to give them a second chance. So I started to listen to them in Chronological order. And got stuck at the first LP. Love every single track from it, but I think it's Baby Duck Syndrome. First seems the best.

10. Pictureplane | Negative Slave
I fell deep connection with Pictureplane’s Music. It seems like it was made specially for me. Everything is just perfect. Beats, synths, samples and, of course, lyrics. This guy is a genius. I like to play this track when I'm DJing in a club. This shit is insane!