WARMER MIXTAPES #755 | by Matt Farrow [Pikcha]

1. Brookes Brothers | Tear You Down
Takes me back to my late teens every time I hear it. One of those songs that just gives you goosebumps no matter how many times you hear it. Such a powerful vocal that reminds me of the good times and being young.

2. Disclosure | Blue You
This track makes me smile whenever I hear it. Perfect to listen to on a Summer's day. Quite possibly my favourite track of the past couple of years. So easy to get excited about the day when this is played in the morning.

3. Sigur Rós | Hoppípolla
Absolutely beautiful piece of Music this one. Always manages to pick you up when you listen to it. It reminds you that Life is not too bad at all. There is no better song to listen to while laying on the beach, with a clear mind.

4. The Smiths | This Charming Man
Such a great song from one of my favourite bands. Reminds me of my first 2 years at University and all the good times I had with some great people. So Upbeat and danceable.

5. SpectraSoul | Sometimes We Lie
A year or so back I went to Dominican Republic on holiday, and every single day this was played whilst laying on the beach in the red hot Sun. Absolutely perfect vibes on this. The piano works with the vocal so well. One of those tracks that reminds me why I adore Drum And Bass.

6. Stardust | The Music Sounds Better With You
This piece of Music is pure Classic. So Nostalgic. Takes me back to my young years of dancing around the living room. Quite possibly one of the best Dance tracks I've heard.
7. The Streets | Has It Come To This
This track reminds me of growing up. The beat is so laid back, perfect to unwind to. One of Mike Skinner's stand-out tracks for me. So Original.

8. Sub Focus | Last Jungle
Incredible piece of Music. An ex-girlfriend bought me this album for my birthday when it first came out, reminds me of driving my first car in the Summer. This track is my late night after-party track. So many parties have started and ended with this track.

9. Burial | Shell Of Light (Shlohmo Remix)
Beautiful remix of one of my favourite producers of the past 5 years. This takes you on an Emotional Journey. Ideal when played after a heavy weekend. My go-to track when I need to relax and get to sleep.

10. Coldplay | Shiver
This track is another Nostalgic one that reminds me of growing up in my old house. My dad played this album every night without fail. Takes me back to those days every time I hear it.

+11. Bombay Bicycle Club | Always Like This
Such a happy and dancy tune this. I remember the first time I heard it, it ended up being on repeat for about a week. CouldnŢt stop singing it in my head. The off-beat drums work perfectly.

+12. British Sea Power | Remember Me
I absolutely love the guitar parts in this song. Such a powerful song both Vocally and Instrumentally. Lyrically as well it represents what I'm all about. Who doesn't want to be remembered?

+13. Arctic Monkeys | A Certain Romance
One of my favourite bands throughout my teen years and still now. Finally getting to see them at Glastonbury this year. It reminds me of being a teenager in relationships.

+14. Aphex Twin | Alberto Balsalm
This is another great song to relax to. Started listening to Aphex Twin when I was about 13, totally blew me away as I'd never heard anything like it before. Totally inspired me to write Forward Thinking Music.

+15. Brian Eno with Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno | An Ending (Ascent)
Instant goosebumps when I hear this track. So Emotional and powerful and is also part of the soundtrack to my favourite film.