WARMER MIXTAPES #756 | by Takahiro Uchibori [Metome]

1. Bill Evans | Waltz For Debby
This song is very beautiful and unique.

2. Roy Ayers | Searching
I think this song is Pop and pleasant.

3. James Blake | To Care (Like You)
This is my favorite song in his songs. I think this song's less Melody and the goodness of Composition is fantastic!

4. Ametsub | Peak Far Afield
Japanese Electronica, Techno artists and I feel a scene of it when I'm listening to it.

5. Marcus Miller | Power
I used to play bass before and then play a beginning part of this song.

6. Oval | Do While
When I listened to this song, I thought melody he makes and the way he makes Music are very Modern. And also I could learn from his Music.

7. Steve Reich/Kronos Quartet | Different Trains: America – Before The War 
I would rather say I like this whole album than saying I like just only this song. I think there is an uplifting feeling from Repetition and Minimal Composition in it.

8. Tōru Takemitsu | November Steps (Performed by Saito Kinen Orchestra, Conducted by Seiji Ozawa)
Tensioned and relaxing.

9. Miguel | Do You... (Cashmere Cat Remix)
He is one of my favorite recent musicians. I really like his Musical Composition skill and his mix-balance is very interesting to me.

10. Earth, Wind & Fire | After The Love Has Gone
A great song.