WARMER MIXTAPES #757 | by Arianne Schreiber of Playpen, Watts, The Sick, Mendoza, Haloblack, Icon, XLover and Smash The Box

1. Ian Brown | F.E.A.R.
When I realised how he wrote this... Genius.

2. Billie Holiday | The Man I Love (Helen Morgan Cover)
Ever since I was a little girl... I somehow got all Billie's songs in my head. I remember walking on the beach at sunset singing her songs to the Sea. Something about her resonated with me. A kind of Wild Spirit temepered with fun, but Sadness too... And Tragedy... Like Life. I love the Musical Prowess of the Time. Mad talented musicians jammimg and really playing Live, something I think we miss a bit of today. One day I found out we had the same birthday...

3. The Prodigy | Smack My Bitch Up
I remember when this album came out and literally everyone in the Music Industry was going nuts about it... At the time I was pretty much a total hippie and when I saw the title Smack My Bitch Up I decided I hated this Music as it wasn't putting good energy into the World... About a year later I came out of my hippy haze and fell totally in Love with this track and still put it on first thing in the morning or whenever I need a bit of energy... It never dates.

4. The Orb | Little Fluffy Clouds (Dance MK 2)
I heard this one night after being awake all night out in the countryside in Wales while the Sun was coming up... It's just one of those tracks that is perfect... Forever.

5. Peaches | Fuck The Pain Away
The first time I heard this I wanted to be her. Love Peaches! She definitely inspired me to be whatever I wanted to be without Restriction or Censorship and I love her delivery.

6. The Chemical Brothers | Swoon
Live show at Fuji Rock... This show is amazing Visually and Sonically. Blew my mind. These guys have set a new precedent for what is Possible Live... With 3D Animation that literally lands on your head incorporated with dancers and creatures all over you. The whole show is amazing!

7. Tricky | Black Steel
I remember going to my local Independent Record Store and getting Maxinquaye before anyone was talking about it. I can't really explain the feeling, but I guess it made my soul earthquake as I knew this was the type of Music I needed to make. I spent 3 days listening to this back to back with Portishead and Massive Attack... Non Stop. I didn't leave the house. I literally lay on the floor and listened to all there album until I knew every lyric and sound and production idea... I was transfixed, mesmerised, inspired and in Love and the Love affair with all 3 had never ended.

8. Prince And The Revolution | Sometimes It Snows In April
Love all of Prince, but this is the first song that ever made me cry.

9. Blur | Song 2
One of my favorite feel good songs... Just love it whenever it comes on... Woooo hoooo!

10. The Future Sound Of London | Lifeforms
Love their Ambience and Adventurous use of Technology. One day I was in a Studio building in London and heard this amazing piano coming from upstairs with a voice like an angel singing. I had to go up and listen. When they finished I couldn't help, but knock on the door... Gary opened it and invited me in and proceeded to tell me how he had just eaten a NASA chip that was going to wizz through his body and detoxify him... Mmmm, LIFEFORMS.

+11. M.I.A. | Bad Girls
She just turns me on with her style and attitude and lyrics and the Production is always so interesting and unique.

+12. Felix Da Housecat | Silver Screen Shower Scene (with Miss Kittin)
When I heard this once again I wanted to be her... Like Peaches... Miss Kittin gave me the inspiration to stop singing singing and try this sultry Heroin delivery type thing.

+13. Missy Elliott | Work It
Love the Fatness in the Production and the Fun attitude mixed up with bad girl style.

+14. Azealia Banks | 212 (feat. Lazy Jay)
First time I heard it... Wow!!! This track once again just blows open the myth of what is Palatable enough to get played on Commercial Radio. So many times I have been censored and this track definitely teaches sing what you wanna say no matter mutha fucking what!

If I dont stop now I'd be here forever... So many tracks... Elvis, Kinobe. The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Beck, Daft Punk. Too Many DJs... And on... All give Life their meaning. Music is the soundtrack to our Existence...