WARMER MIXTAPES #761 | by Tyler Reid and Stevie G. of Tyler N Stevie

SIDE A | by Stevie G.

1. The Fugees | Fu-Gee-La
I'm heavily influenced by the Fugees, and if had to pick a song it would have to be this one since it was the first Fugees track I ever listened too.

2. Dada Life | Feed The Dada
Dada Life are my favorite EDM producers/DJ's in the World. I went to their New Year's Eve rave and it changed my life. They turned me on to that kind of Music, and that song is my favorite song by them.

3. Childish Gambino | Difference
Childish is my favorite rapper! I feel as if completely relate to him, and what he's been through, which is such a great feeling. This is one of the songs that helped start my obsession along with Hero.

4. FuntCase | Out For Da Milli
Trap Music is really starting to take over, and to me this song is absolutely Phenomenal!

5. Joey Bada$$ | Hardknock (feat. CJ Fly)
Joey is literally Disgusting! He makes me strive to get my vocal content up, and I appreciate that, just like me, he's keeping Old School aspects in his raps.

6. Michael Jackson | You Rock My World
Michael Jackson is and will always be one of the greatest artists of All Time. He's been an inspiration to me, and this song is literally perfect.

7. R. Kelly | I Believe I Can Fly
Honestly the main reason I love this song is that every time it comes on it reminds me of my favorite movie Space Jam which I can honestly say I've watched over 400 times.

8. Santana | Maria Maria (feat. The Product G&B)
This song reminds me of the times I would spend with my father when I was little. He loved this song and was the biggest Carlos Santana fanatic.

9. Nas | If I Ruled The World (Imagine That) (feat. Lauryn Hill)
Nas is a Lyrical Genius! This song is one my favorites by him, especially since my favorite female singer, Lauryn Hill, was on it.

10. J. Cole | Dreams (feat. Brandon Hines)
This is one the best Story Telling songs of my generation. It's so perfectly detailed that you can't help to fall in Love with it.

SIDE B | by Tyler Reid

1. Taking Back Sunday | Spin
It's a sick song, really High Energy.

2. The Story So Far | Swords And Pens
It's my pump up song, so it gets me ready to Rock.

3. Sublime | 40oz. To Freedom
It's super Chill and has one of my favorite lines in it... "Life is one big question when you're staring at the clock...

4. Krewella | One Minute
It's a sick Dubstep track with some sexy vocals. Great to party to.

5. Escape The Fate | Situations
The vocals are sick, the melody is infectious and the guitars are sick. Need I say more?

6. Modestep | Sunlight
It's starts off sounding like a Classic Record and then just breaks into this Hard Dubstep. I especially like it because the band that does this song uses real instruments in addition to Dubstep.

7. Dada Life | Rolling Stones T-Shirt 
This is currently my favorite song to bump to. It just gets me super hyped every time I hear it.

8. Gorillaz | November Has Come (feat. MF DOOM)
I feel like the chorus of this song would just be perfect for a Slow Motion scene in an Action movie. Cars exploding, gunfire the whole bit, but all really slow.

9. Sum 41Fat Lip
This song takes me back to when I first got into punk music. My mom bought me "now thats what i call music 8" when I was a little kid and I listened to this song over and over

10. The Story So Far | Quicksand 
It's just an awesome High Energy Punk song. And the guy's voice is sick.