WARMER MIXTAPES #762 | by Jacob Elias Trummer [DJ Dizzy/Dizzy Womack]

1. Portico Quartet | Life Mask
When I first discovered Portico Quartet a few years ago I was completely amazed about their tactfulness in their Music. Their LP Isla def gets a place in my top ten album charts. In my opinion the single Life Mask is one of the best tracks of the album! The way how they recorded and mixed this track is pretty much amazing. This track opens so many Emotional doors in my head, it's such a beautiful piece of Music!

2. Girl Unit | IRL
The track IRL is presumably one of the most felicitous Club tools I know. When I first heard it in 2010 I was completely overwhelmed about the style of mixing and the single elements and sounds of the track. It's Instinctive Club Music at its best and def a track where you have to move your body when you hear it in the club.

3. Craig Mack | Flava In Ya Ear
I grew up with Hip Hop. Flava In Ya Ear is one of my most favorite records in my Vinyl collection. Played this out so often way back in the days when I started spinning records and I'm still bouncing to this vibe. It's such an Ageless piece of Music and def one of the most outstanding tracks in the history of Hip Hop. Also to mention the dope B side remix of this record, with Hip Hop luminaries like Notourious B.I.G., Busta Rhymes, Rampage, LL Cool J.

4. Kerri Chandler | Rain (Atjazz Remix)
Kerri Chandler and Atjazz together in one track! Actually it's pretty much self-explanatory that this remix has to be great. This piece of Music always works on the floor, in every set! People always are having a bright smile in their face, when the smooth bassline drops and perfectly accompanies with the outstanding drum loop! It's just a perfect example of how Soulful House Music should sound like!

5. Ciara | Ride (WILDLIFE! Remix)
WILDLIFE! always has been one of my favorite producers. The style of how he is mixing his tracks is outstanding and always has been a big inspiration source for my own productions. This remix of Ciara's Ride original embodies WILDLIFE!'s style in its best way. Outstanding analoguesque Drum & Percussion work, such a crispy bassline and an unexpected break which makes you loose your pants!

6. Los Rakas | Abrazame (Uproot Andy Mix)
Don't need to say much about Uproot Andy! I saw him playing live at the Central Park in New York City two years ago. It was a Magic moment when he played this remix in front of hundreds of people who where all feeling the Energy and Love of this track!

7. Cashmere Cat | Mirror Maru
Cashmere Cat is unique in the way how he produces Music. When I first heard his track Mirror Maru in Rustie's BBC Essential Mix I was totally addicted to it. It is such an warm-hearted and friendly piece of Music and was def one of my top ten tracks of the year 2012. This tune is just briliant!

8. Paris Underground Trax | Sexy Thing Remix
Paris is such a good address when it comes to Underground House Music. This track is def one of the most outstanding ones. Filthy drums, filthy vocals, filthy bassline, Minimalistic breaks and all that in such an Harmonic way that you simply cannot stand still. It's also a great example for the sounding difference between Vinyl and Digital! So if you get the possibility to grab this record on Vinyl, buy it!

9. French Fries | D'Angelo
French Fries productions are known for their specific sounding! His mixing skills are phenomenal and always have been a good guide line for my own productions. In my opinion D'Angelo is one of his most brilliant work yet! Filthy, big and Ingenious - must have!

10. Locked Groove | Drowning
Also a perfect example of great Music! It's just brilliant how Simple and Effective this track is produced. Also a must have for every DJ!