WARMER MIXTAPES #763 | by Aki Vierboom [AKI.AKI]

Photos by Luis Nelsen and Eduard Lind.

1. Joy Orbison | Hyph Mngo
It‘s just one of the most powerful tracks in this whole Future Garage genre and the first one I listened to in style. It was aired at a local Radio channel and I thought How amazing is this!... Now this track is always the last one in my sets.

2. Mount Kimbie | Would Know
I think I was 14 as I went to the fist German concert of The xx, I was a bit nervous because it was one of the first concerts I went to. I was too young so I asked my father if he would like to go there with me. I showed him the band and he said OK... So I entered the hall full of people and two guys arrived at the stage and said in a hard British accent Hey guys! We‘re proud to play the warm up for The xx!... Then they started playing maybe for half an hour. After this set they said Thanks! and left. And I was like what was this?... I've never heard something so beautiful. It was the fist time I was high on Music. I didn‘t noticed that The xx already were playing. Then I started listening to them and they were totally rubbish (Live)! The whole way home I tried to remember if the warm up group said their name, but I just remembered the words I already said. On the Internet was no hint to this group. Over a while I forgot it... But 1, 5 years later my friends and I went on a festival called Dockville in Hamburg. I checked out the line up an listend to every group that was confirmed and in the lower rows a band called Mount Kimbie appeared. I listened to the fist track that was posted on this website and after 5 seconds I knew who they were. So we went to the festival and Mount Kimbie played at 4am and it was again the most beautiful Live set I‘ve ever heard. So I‘m very happy to see them this year again at the MELT! Festival. Until today they are my biggest inspiration and the reason why I started making Music!

3. Caribou | Sun
Just the perfect Summer song. I like how they arranged the vocals.

4. Actress | Again The Addiction
This track just contains wonderful chords. When you first listen to it, it sounds like a four minutes loop, but the more often you listen to it the more interesting it gets. And I‘m a big fan of Wonky and random used samples and beats and in this track there is a really horrible hi-hat shacker sample, but it is well used. I think Actress really produces the Future of Electronic Dance Music.

5. Gold Panda | Marriage
Gold Panda is just a great artist! In an interview he said that he never learned to play an instrument and just started sampling old stuff and now he makes beautiful tracks like Marriage that let me hope a bit more that my tracks maybe could get on such a high level like Gold Panda‘s tracks are.

6. Joy Division | Transmission
It‘s just sad that Ian Curtis commited suicide. I think Joy Divison would have done more amazing tracks like this one! And maybe Blue Monday with Ian‘s voice would be better. I very like this one because it‘s maybe the only one which isn‘t so Depressive.

7. Underworld | Born Slippy .NUXX (Extended)
It‘s the big contrast I like between the kind of fluffy Intro and then this 90‘s Rave part. Also I very like the movie Trainspotting and Born Slippy is the theme track. In any case I have to see them Live, I often heard that they make one of the best Live shows and every show have got its own and different touch.

8. Massive Attack | Teardrop (with Elizabeth Fraser)
Massive Attack is the best way to describe this Deep, Slow, Bassy, Sad Music. Massive Attack always was in my head, my parents are big fans, they took me to a concert, they played it every Sunday mornig at breakfast or heard it in the car. And I really like their concept to always work with different artist when they recording a CD or playing Live... So the sounds changes always a bit, what, in my opinion, is very interesting, because I don‘t like it when you see someone Live and they just play their album the way the Vinyl or CD you bought sounds like.

9. Fela Kuti | Zomby
He just invented together with Tony Allen the Afrobeat and, in my opinion, it's the genre with the greatest flow. I like the typical drums combined with all these trumpets and saxophones. It's really sad that he already died years ago, but there are new talents like the Dutch group Jungle By Night.

10. Gang Colours | Botley In Bloom
I think the whole album is very good, every track have got his own feeling, but the feeling of Botley In Bloom is the most interesting because this track have got so much parts. It‘s like riding your bike through the mountains, first it's difficult to get on top, but then there's the feeling when you arrived... Make a short stop and then rush down the racing track.