WARMER MIXTAPES #765 | by Matthew Hillock [Batæl Bataal]

1. Led Zeppelin | The Rover
This song was constantly being played by my friend Joey when we would go out at night and drink in forest parks before any of our friends had driver's licenses and our biggest concern was getting a stranger to buy us a pack of smokes, just much easier times I miss a lot lately.

2. Cat Stevens | Lady D'Arbanville
This song was a weird one for me to say, but I kind of had to, just because my mom used to have this on vinyl, and I remember just sitting on the floor of my bedroom reading and hearing this come on late at night when my dad would go to bed or to the bar.

3. Neil Young | Nobody's Story
Deadman soundtrack... This movie actually really influenced me a lot in my Visual work, but I remember the soundtrack almost perfectly, which is very rare of me to remember a full album let alone a full soundtrack, but Neil Young's interpretation of Jim Jarmusch's movie just fit perfectly and that's always so rewarding to see how the past artists/musicians worked together.

4. Ray Charles | I Believe To My Soul
For some reason this song really stands out in memories of my really young childhood, like family parties in the South side of Chicago.

5. Kanye West | The New Workout Plan
This isn't because I'm from Illinois, but mainly due to the fact in I think this came out right around Freshman year and it was a really rough time for me, I was kicked out of Catholic School, lol (more fun then rough), but I had a TV with those built-in alarm clocks and I had it programmed to MTV, so I'd wake up to Kanye for like a year.

6. GZA | Shadowboxin' (feat. Method Man)
When I first started smoking weed, I just remember hearing this song and like old Television tracks, but for some reason Shadowboxin' really held space in my head, I was listening to DJ Qbert and a bunch of NYC DJ's and Hip Hop artists - when I finally moved to NYC though I really fell in Love how you could look around at night in certain neighborhoods and really feel where this Music was coming from - I've still yet been to Staten Island though.

7. Al Green | I Can't Get Next To You (The Temptations Cover)
My parents are in their late 60's, this was a Sunday Classic until I got old enough to sleep in from going out to some Rave or Underground Dance Party in the city.

8. Gorillaz | Clint Eastwood
If you sat around and played PlayStation/Xbox with your friends late at night while drinking 40oz's of Colt45 and smoked a blunt I promise you have heard this song play at least once in the night, out of all the songs that probably cycled through my friend's playlists (I didn't have the PlayStation/Xbox) this one always has stayed in my playlist, probably because of the Music Video too.

9. Basement Jaxx | Where's Your Head At 
Ha, actually I will say the only reason I put this down is because I was in and out of Institutional Settings for a couple of years in High School and this song was stuck on my CD player/first gen iPod (didn't tell anyone back then though, 'cause it was such a played out tune). I actually had this on Vinyl though when I first started DJing in my parents basement. I was very secretive through High School and College about my experiments with Music, 'cause I was a Fine Art major.

10. The Doors | Peace Frog
The Doors in general hold a really big place in my heart because of my mom actually, she gave me my first Record Player and her old Sound System when she was a single mother with my brother and sister. This album (Morrison Hotel) was my first album on Vinyl along with an old Jimi Hendrix B-sides, however I would be obsessed with Peace Frog every summer since I got my car. The record is actually pretty warmed out now, it's probably my favorite Doors' song for that reason, just my Physical Attachment to those close memories that you have with Summer, it's like escaping to another World in school.