WARMER MIXTAPES #766 | by Alec West [Another Green World] of Suicide Forest

1. Primal Scream | Velocity Girl
Primal Scream has changed so much since this Jangly Dream Pop song. It is my favorite song from NME's C86.

2. Brian Eno | Golden Hours
This song takes everything you think you know about Music and kind of just shrugs it off, and does its own thing. This is not something you would've expected to have heard in 1975.

3. Depeche Mode | Something To Do
The first Depeche Mode song I heard when I was 16, and was instantly hooked. Dark and Mechanical with Synthesizers, this song does it for me.

4. Wild Nothing | Data World
Someone compared my Music to Wild Nothing's early on when I started Another Green World, so I checked it out and fell in Love. His new EP is mind blowing, and this track sounds so Nostalgic, and Dreamy.

5. My Bloody Valentine | She Found Now 
I was like most heavily anticipating MBV's new album for the past couple years, with teases here and there. This track sombre and slow feels very Human.

6. The Deathless | Nightmare
This is a new Memphis artist about to drop his first EP. With hints of Joy Division, Suicide, and Depeche Mode, the Music flows wondefully.

7.  Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark | Telegraph
OMD makes some amazing tracks, but they have a few that stick out for me, this being the number one. The Emotion in this song, and the synthesizers make me feel younger again.

8. The Durutti Column | Sketch For Summer
Vini Riley takes the guitar and does what I've never heard done before on it. Maybe it's the scales he uses, or his great Layering techniques, but I can't get enough of this Instrumental track.

9. Prince And The Revolution | When Doves Cry
Probably the most Mainstream artist I can't stop listening to. The Experimental side of Prince is something I really enjoy, and when he can experiment but still make a great song, with a good hook, it's even better.

10. Belle & Sebastian | Sleep The Clock Around
Anytime this band uses Electronic instruments, I seem to enjoy it more than when they don't. This song makes me want to drive, and never stop.