WARMER MIXTAPES #772 | by Dustin Frelich [Paper Plane Pilot/Cerulean Veins]/(The Stringed Theory, First Class Kickback, The Pheromones, FMera)

1. Joy Division | Disorder
Intensely Hypnotic. Relentless and Urgent. Ephemeral. Disorder seems to fall apart at the end out of Necessity. Lightning in a bottle. Brilliant.

2. New Order | Love Vigilantes
Love Vigilantes just might be one of the catchiest songs ever with more than one hook in the Intro, an eminently singable verse and chorus, and a handful of guitar riffs to close out the song. And a Melodica. Need I say more?

3. Franz Ferdinand | Jacqueline
A relentless assault of Guitar, Bass and Drums. Less ubiquitous than Take Me Out, but equally as Inspiring. Fantastically Danceable.

4. The Faint | Agenda Suicide
Like a frenetic Computer subjecting you to bits and pieces of its Deterministic Logic. Pulsating. Uncompromisingly Energetic.

5. The Postal Service | The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
A crescendoing lullaby kicks off one of the seminal albums of the aughts. Should be credited with bringing back Electronic Music to the Indie kids.

6. Wild Nothing | Shadow
A Droning dream of a tire swing bouncing along the swaying grass. A snapshot of Eternity.

7. Black Lips | Family Tree
Busting at the seams. Bruising and Brutal. Unapologetically Spirited. Masochistically Fun.

8. Chairlift | Sidewalk Safari
The Malfunctioning Cacophony of Beauty.

9. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart | Belong
Jangly. Retrospective. Haircuts and button-ups. Androgynously CK One.

10. The Cure | One Hundred Years
Cold. Dark. Nihilistic. The weight of Nothing at all. The unbearable Lightness of Being.