WARMER MIXTAPES #771 | by Cory Brown of Constellations/Nyota, Widowers and Hollagramz

1. Aphex Twin | IZ-US
My dad used to take me to Bart's CD cellar in Boulder, Colorado when I was a kid. I bought my first records there. I remember buying Come To Daddy solely because of the demented artwork on the cover. I fell asleep listening to it that night and had the worst nightmare of my life. I guess it set the bar high. Aphex Twin is such a fascinating character, I love how much of his persona is built on fucking with people's perception of him through half-truths and self fabricated rumors.

2. Boards Of Canada | Finity
A British dude I carpooled with in High School introduced me to BOC. He burned me a copy of Music Has The Right To Children sophomore year. To this day that is probably my favorite album of All Time. I have a CD alarm clock with that CD in it and it will never leave. I was beyond excited when I found a few old tunes on a Bit Torrent site. This B-side has the power to send the most incredible wave of Electric Chill down my spine. Pure Ecstasy. I always felt that if Mother Nature had Theme Music, it would sound like BOC.

3. The Velvet Underground | Venus In Furs
This one goes out to my sisters Linda and Jessica. I always loved this song, but as I got older I started to understood why Lou Reed was singing about whips and leather boots. I'll just leave it at that.

4. The Beach Boys | That's Not Me
My Dad wasn't much of a Music guy (which is odd because my brother and I are both avid Music Lovers and Musicians), but I can thank him for playing the Beach Boys constantly when I was a kid. I really identify with the lyrics in this song… I had to prove that I could make it alone now, but that's not me... I wanted to show how independent I'd grown now, but that's not me... This song is always comforting for me to listen to if I'm feeling blue, and I really relate with Brian Wilson's as a mad Psychedelic Musical Genius.

5. Kraftwerk | Metal On Metal
I'm half German, and I Love Electronic Music, so I have to give it up to Kraftwerk for popularizing Electronic Pop Music. Metal On Metal is so brutal for its time. It simultaneoulsly sounds like laying next to active Train tracks and a gun cocking Rhythmically. I also Love how they name drop Iggy Pop and David Bowie. Also, it was sampled in Planet Rock, one of the first Hip-Hop tracks ever made! Too Cool.

6. This Heat | Repeat
I got into This Heat in my mid twenties and it filled the gap in my mind between Can, Fugazi and Tortoise or something. This song still sounds Futuristic to me, a Kraut-Rock/Breakbeat vortex. It's amazing how this song can blend so seamlessly in a DJ set with Modern Techno or Electronic Music. Such a huge Inspiration to me as a Producer, as they were a self-produced band. This track could play forever and I would be content.

7. Autechre | Leterel
Still waiting to meet a girl who likes Autechre as much as I do, LOL. This track is just absolutely gorgeous. The way they juxtapose harsh Industrial tones with lush Synth strings churning out heartbreaking, Melancholic melodies just makes me tear up a bit. I honestly believe that listening to Autechre regularly can expand your mind's Aural capabilites. I can close my eyes while listening to this and envision a Vivid Three Dimensional Musical Factory Full Of Steam Powered And Belt Driven Pistons And Bio-Mechanical Organ Devices. Thanks Autechre.

8. Drexciya | Andreaen Sand Dunes
This girl, Tara G, I was dating introduced me to Drexciya, and I am forever grateful. I love the rich Mythology that accompanies their Music and their dedication to Anonymity. It really puts a focus on the Creative Potential that is possible in a Musical project. Plus they had a way of working Magic with synthesizers that is utterly Spellbinding. I heard they recorded most of their Music Live To Tape, and that is amazing.

9. DJ Shadow | Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
My brother was a total Goth in High School (we are still both totally Goth at heart, of course). He got me into Tool and NIN at an early age, which was awesome, but I will never forget the day he gave me Endtroducing..... on a cassette tape. I was immediately hooked on DJ Shadow and this track has some kind of Supernatural Haunted Nature to it. The Chilling sampled Choir coupled with the straight up ill Breakbeat is just the best. His Scratching is pretty good too.

10. Hype Williams | Your Girl Smells Like Chung When She Wears Dior
This song has an Ambiance unlike anything I have ever heard . It seems to exist somewhere between the best wet dream ever and waking up in a random smoke filled Hotel room staring at khaki curtains, feeling lost and confused. Another track I will never get sick of. Pure Art Genius.