1. Frou Frou | Let Go
This is possibly one of the most beautiful tracks I know, and it also just happens to be my wife and I's track, not our First Dance sort of track, but a more Personal our track. The first time we met we found out we both loved the film Garden State, in which this was one of the main tracks for, she had it playing in her car when I went to visit her in Manchester and the rest is history.

2. Kavinsky | Nightcall (feat. Lovefoxxx)
This just sums up the film Drive for me, which has to be my favourite film of the last 5 years, it's such a cool film, so little dialogue, but says all it needs to with just looks, Ryan Gosling blew me away, now watched everything he has done, brilliant actor, and the track is good too.

3. Miike Snow | Devil's Work
Just a great Piano track, really like these guys, whether it's on a Rock or Dance tip, just had to go and Bootleg this track, which got some massive support, with Tiësto, Laidback Luke, Oakenfold, all playing it in their Radio shows.

4. The Stone Roses | I Am The Resurrection
As a young teenager I was just obsessed by the Stones, they were my world, them and the Smiths, I still Love them today, and the album The Stone Roses is still in the car and will get a full listening at least once a month. The album just takes me back every time to my youth and all the good times spent listening to it, when you were a Music snob and your friends where defined by the Music you listened too.

5. The Smiths | Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
For my sins The Smiths were my first Musical Love, I actually found them in reverse with their last album Strangeways, Here We Come. I then proceeded to go back through their albums and became a little obsessed with them, like you do at a young age. Morrissey was one of the first gigs I went to in London, coming up from Sussex where I grew up with a couple of mates.

6. America | Three Roses 
What a beautiful track, this is off one of the Vinyl albums I stole from my Dad's Record collection, his name was even written on it with pen, I loved the fact that I was listening to an album my dad had listened to at a similar age.

7. Isaac Hayes | Don't Let Go
Now Disco was my mother's Love, and probably the person that decided what Music was played in the house as I grew up, and she loved to dance, so I know where my Love for Dance Music comes from.

8. Frank Wiedemann & Ry Cuming | Howling (Âme Remix)
I Love driving to this track, this is a proper Deep House, moody and sublime, the vocals are just so, so haunting, Armchair Dance Music.

9. Dino Lenny & Andrea Doria | Sexual Healing
I seriously Love anything Dino does, he seriously has the golden touch for me, he just always ticks all the boxes for me. If there is anyone I would like to do a track with it would have to be Dino!

10. Nora En Pure | Come With Me
Great little number, just makes me think of Summer, Smooth, Deep and Sublime bit of House.

+11. Rhythm On The Loose | Break Of Dawn
This is a Dance Music entry track for me, just a Pure Classic, if you're into Dance Music, you need this in your life... Would have loved to have re-worked this track, but Mr. Woods beat me to it!

+12. Chubby Chunks | Testament One
And also Testament 4... Another Classic Fundamental Dance track, when I first got into Dance Music this is what it was all about, Saturday nights out in London at Legends, London Emporium, Hanover Grand then off the MOS for a Late Night Session. I have slipped a bit of one of these into a recent-ish release of mine...

+13. Barry White | Love Is The Icon (Roger's Midnite Luv Mix)
Another brilliant track, remember hearing CJ Macintosh drop this at the Ministry back when it was a dirty, Dark Dance hole! I say hearing coz we never used to face the DJ, no DJ worshipping, we just danced! I actually had the pleasure of re-working this track, with both the blessing of the Barry White Foundation and the S-Man himself and was released on the Ministry.