WARMER MIXTAPES #782 | by Gene Siewing of Chubby Dubz

1. Chez Damier & Stacey Pullen | Forever Monna
This is one of our first House records ever and we are forever greatful to these guys! What can you say about the Legends of House? Nothing really except for listen and enjoy!

2. Global Communication | The Way
It took years to find the Original, but we finally got it in the collection. You really can't go when you drop this.

3. Newworldaquarium | Trespassers 
This man has been banging out the jams over the last few years and will not stop. When you can find something by him please do not hesitate to pick it up. Both the Original and the 541 Dub are great late night weapons.

4. Komputer Kids | Rude Train (The Club Car Mix)
The upright Bass-line is still fresh and bumps overtime. It has never found its way out of the box!. Tip!

5. DJ Sneak | You Can't  Hide From Your Bud 
Sneak at his best in the 90's. Back then anything he threw out and that came off Classic Records you could blindly add to your pile at the cash register. Definitely remember this one being responsible for the Police being called at some old House parties.

6. Laid | Punch Up (Frankie Feliciano Original Edit)
A Timeless piece of House Music that works everytime and never seems to get old. Both the Frankie Feliciano Original Edit and the flip is recommended.

7. Osunlade | Mama's Groove
With this joint Jimpster just nailed it! Both the Hip Replacement and the Slipped Disc Mix are doing some serious damage on the dancefloor.

8. Swag | Groove Seekers Allowance E.P. (Version 12)
This record has been and still is in both of our boxes since we meet each other. We have rocked every track to death on that thing. We have been BIG fans of Swag since day one. Jus' Trax. Wow! Another Quality Label from Back in the Day.

9. Head Nodding Society | Nudge Up
This is definitely a highlight for us on Paper Recordings. A Classy Taste of Simplicity. Sometimes Less is More.

10. Marshall Jefferson vs. Noosa Heads | Mushrooms
This track is one of the inspirations for the Chubby Dubz project. A great example of how a phatt House track and some BIG Vocals is all you need sometimes.