WARMER MIXTAPES #789 | by Nia Keturah

1. Sam Cooke | You Send Me
Growing up Sam Cooke was a fixture in my mom's 91 Volvo. His Greatest Hits tape would get played daily. His voice set the standard of True Soul to me.

2. Bob Marley & The Wailers | No Woman, No Cry
Like Sam, Bob was also important to my development as an Artist and a Natural Bohemian. In Middle School I would come home from School head to my room, light up some incense and listen to Bob Marley... This was my first Natural High. The Wailers Music is so Spiritual... It's an experience whenever I listen to it.

3. Lauryn Hill | To Zion (feat. Carlos Santana)
I'm going to name my first born Zion... Period. This song is such an ode to Life, I get emotional whenever I hear it.

4. Erykah Badu | Otherside Of The Game
I always fall for this type of Educated Thug fellow Erykah discusses here. Miss Badu is such a elder figure to me... A teacher, Baduizm is an Instruction Manual. The album as a whole reminds me of all the long trips I've taken on back Country roads.

5. Camp Lo | Coolie High 
These dudes speak a language that I don't fully understand, but Love to listen to. This record makes me feel so relaxed, it transports me to another Time and Place... The Love Jones era.

6. A Tribe Called Quest | Electric Relaxation
Similar vibes as Camp Lo and Badu... The Tribe are my elders, their Music is a Time Machine for me. It takes me to an era that I feel like I'm a direct result of. In so many ways I feel like I'm a child of the Native Tongue Collective (Queen Latifah, Monie Love, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, ATCQ) I want to make Music as Timeless as theirs.

7. BJ The Chicago Kid | Dream II
Whenever I happen to feel extremely blessed I throw this record on... It's about having dreams that other people find difficult to understand. In many ways it's the shared story of all dreamers lives. And I've learned you can't tell everybody your plans... 'Cause sometime your dreams are bigger than them. Not to belittle anyone else, this record just reminds me that with hard work my dreams will come true. Amen, Hallelujah.

8. Frank Ocean | Dust
I'm one of the many people who claim that Nostalgia, Ultra. changed their lives. When it came out I was this lost kid just trying to make some waves in the Atlanta scene... Always high... Always skipping class... Never finding Peace of Mind. N, U. was a blessing because it settled me down... Reminded me to breath again. Dust is a record I frequently think about as a Writer, because its Subject Matter Living vs. Writing is my reality.

9. Adele | First Love
I had just finished High School and one of my best friends introduced me to Adele... It's one of the best introductions I've ever had. First Love is the stand out record on 19 to me. Once I drove around in a car packed with some of my favorite people and played it almost 10 times in a row. Whenever I feel like a relationship is over I press play on this record... It helps me to process the end.

10. Miles Davis | Blue In Green (with Bill Evans)
In College I studied to Blue In Green. The record is so Melancholia, but yet still so innately beautiful. It reminds me rainy days in the Library and Scholarly Epiphanies. The best of my thoughts are wrapped somewhere behind the Piano in this record. It's actually hard for me to fully express the admiration I have for this record.