WARMER MIXTAPES #790 | by Victor Matell [Matell]

1. Matell | I Apologize 2U & U2
It's actually my song. I fell in Love with this track the moment I recorded. It will be featured somewhere on my up-coming new album. I Apologize 2U & U2 was originally written with Diana Ross or Britney Spears in mind. It’s a song that you can tell your fans that you’re sorry. Sorry for the one mistake along the way. Once I recorded the Music for the lyrics, the song came alive and touched me in so many ways. It was strange in the Recording Studio of my place; the song was a one-take track. Meaning I recorded it all the way through until the end, then I added a few aahs and riffs. It’s in the same style as Man In The Mirror by the late Michael Jackson. I Apologize 2U & U2 was a replacement song for a Cover song; I couldn’t get cleared from the publisher. So I decided to finally record it. I hope the fans like it.

2. Diana Ross | Take Me Higher
And also Upside Down... When I first heard this song I was instantly attracted to it. The song is a feel good happy song; it always gets me in a fantastic mood.

3. Crystal Gayle | Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
This song always brings me to tears, enough said.

4. Cher | Believe
Here’s another feel good song that makes my want to party all night long.

5. Eurythmics | Here Comes The Rain Again
This song cared me to Death, but it had a haunting sound to it and a driving beat.

6. Prince And The Revolution | When Doves Cry
This song came of nowhere for me and it got me dancing.

7. Michael Jackson | Bad
I wasn’t reading for the song. When I heard Bad for the first time I was amazed at the Production and Drums.

8. Madonna | Vogue
And Music... Like Bad by MJ, Madonna came out the gates on these tracks.

9. Chris Isaak | Wicked Game
Wicked Game by Chris Isaak, I learned to kiss real good on this song, that’s all I have to say.

10. Sade | Solider Of Love
Sade, wow, it’s amazing that Sade goes away for six years and comes back with better Music and she still brings it.

+11. Bryan Ferry | Kiss And Tell 
When I first heard the song I was astound that it was a man. Bryan Ferry knew how to blow.

+12. Jeff Buckley | Everybody Here Wants You
Jeff Buckley, what a voice, a voice of an angel. When I first heard this beautiful song I was in a store and the song stopped me in my shoes. I had to have it. I actually bought and downloaded the song to my iPhone. Jeff Buckley will always be in my Top Fifty most liked songs.