WARMER MIXTAPES #792 | by Adio Marchant [Bipolar Sunshine]/(Kid British)

1. Carpenters | Rainy Days And Mondays
This is one of the songs that sticks out from my childhood as my mum would always play Lover's Rock Reggae type stuff, but sometimes she would play The Carpenters. When I hear her voice, even though it's tragic how she died, her voice brings me back to a youthful place...

2. Kanye West | Bound 2
One of my favourite songs from his new number, I love the way he doesn't care about anything when it comes to Music. He is carefree which means he has got to that level where he can make what he wants and we get to appreciate it...

3. Nas | Rewind
Probably one of the best songs I have ever heard, I love the way he explains the whole story backwards and makes the whole thing make sense...

4. King Krule | Out Getting Ribs 
Been into this song as soon as it came out. The raw emotion he sings with just caught me, defo something I'm listening to now.

5. Miguel | Candles In The Sun
Listening to this song right now as well, I like most of his songs but the angle and topic he goes with asks a lot of questions and finds me asking questions about myself and my beliefs...

6. French Montana | Ain't Worried About Nothin
This reminds me of the recent Studio sessions I've had as I'd put this song on in the morning before we started just to get my blood pumping, then I'd relax...

7. The Smiths | There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
Probably one of the greatest songs ever written, it's so Romantic, but in such a Dark way, the way Morrissey and Marr connect in displaying Love on a level that is so dishearteningly beautiful is awesome - it make me want to cry.

8. Coldplay | Fix You
When my granddad passed away this song was one I kept playing, it just filled a hole emotionally. Chris Martin's voice always seems vulnerable which is the thing that draws me in.

9. Ol' Dirty Bastard | Got Your Money (feat. Kelis)
I was at a party and we were all up at 6 in the morning and I needed to change the vibe, so I got this tune on and everyone got back in the mood to party a lil bit longer. Not really that great of a story, but I thought I'd share it, ha.

10. Bipolar Sunshine | Where Did The Love Go