WARMER MIXTAPES #793 | by Peter Charles Porcelli II [Pazz Cherofoot]

Since I was a young boy Music has had a big part of my life. My grandfather was the lead singer of an early 60s Punk Band called Mad Mike And The Maniacs. As a kid I always was the odd one out and to this day I still am. I feel as if a lot of people can get annoyed quickly by me when I am around them a lot, so I like to make Music as a way of venting. I also enjoy Drawing which ends up tying in with my Music in many ways. I plan on using my artwork in future albums as well. Even before I knew what Music Production was I would make fake album covers and tracklists with all the times and everything for made up tapes. I played the Violin as a child, but it never got me anywhere since I didn't take it very seriously. I used to play around on Piano, but didn't learn the notes or how to play 'til becoming older. Only song I've ever played Piano on is Wake Up Alice. I was having a hyped episode of Delusion when I began making this song as if the song itself could describe the movie Alice In Wonderland minute by minute, but you can decide that yourself. What pushed me into making Electronic Music was watching a video called Rubber Johnny on Ebaumsworld. It was the single moment of watching this that made me want to become a Musician. The fast beat of the video itself was so amazing! I honestly felt like I was being shown a glimpse of Heaven when hearing the fast glitchy beat and watching a disabled hydrocephalic kid spin around in his wheelchair doin' wheelies in a dark room. I discovered soon after watching this video that the artist who created the song was Aphex Twin. As the years progressed I began listening to Squarepusher, The Mars Volta, Slagsmalsklubben, and many other artists who used odd Experimental Obscure Sounds. In 2008, I downloaded Mixcraft and I would mess around making a bunch of songs with each one having varying genre. However, I never published a single one of these songs. It wasn't until February 2012 I first began publishing my Music. My first song I made on FL Studio 10 and it was pretty bad. The song was called Yellow Cat. I sometimes feel the need to delete my old tracks on Soundcloud because at this moment I'm still trying to gain more of a following and I don't need people hearing my first ever crappy songs, you know? At the moment I'm working on my newest beat tape called Taiga Moss Kingdom. On this album I'm trying to give off a Spacy feel with using a lot of Delay effects and Alien-like atmospheres in each song. I also plan on having a few rappers or singers appear on album including Bishop Nehru, Luca Grey and Eddie Arcadian of Automatic Supremacy, Garnett Hall, and Devon Bunnell. I hope Music brings me places in Future. Maybe to some faraway Universe where people talk out their ass and shit out their mouth... Oh, wait... That's how it already is.

1. Aphex Twin | Windowlicker
I showed the twisted Music Video for this song to my School as a child and the teacher got me in trouble.

2. Chronic Future | Time And Time Again
I originally saw this on Fuse as a young kid. The bright colors and song itself was amazing to me at the time as it still is today.

3. The Polyphonic SpreeLight And Day (Single Version)
The upbeat cheeriness of this song has influenced me to make more Ambient happy sounding Music in past.

4. Hella | Ho's In The House
The song itself is so short, but the way it transitions is beautiful. From a Glitchy Breakcore start to finishing with a nice beat reminiscent of a Broken Arcade game.

5. The Mars Volta | Day Of The Baphomets
I enjoy everything from this group, but this song is my All Time fave. The ending has this amazing Timpani Solo followed by Demonic lyrics.

6. Dinosaur Jr. | I'm Insane
I remember when I was 10 hearing this on a Promotional CD I found called SPIN at my aunt's. The song itself can immediately put me in a good mood and I used to listen to it daily.

7. Squarepusher | Beep Street
This song gives me mixed emotions from Sadness to Warmth, but overall I would have to say this song is amazing.

8. Pyramid Vritra | Drain (feat. Frisco)
The Psychedelic beginning followed by soft beautiful lyrics really can put you in a different world. I made it a priority to download this whole album.

9. The Internet | Violet Nude Women
While I listen to this I imagine a person in a costume getting chased by an angry mob on a summer's day.

10. milesVIRGO | Euphoria
This song reminds me of Sex. In fact, this entire album reminds me of Sex due to the way the artist uses sexy women on every album he releases.

+11. Vince Staples | More Milli (feat. LaVish)
I've always been a huge fan of Vince Staples work and when I heard this song it had more of an effect on me than his other work. The beat and vocals of this song immediately get me so pumped up. Makes you wanna break things.

+12. XXYYXX | About You
This song gives me amazing chills. Something that would work great when your just chillin' with people.

+13. Eminem | Who Knew
My All Time favorite Eminem song. The lyrics are a slap in the face to American Society which I find Hysterical.

+14. Daniel Rossen | Saint Nothing
A beautiful Piano followed by Dan's amazing voice and lyrics. Reminds me of being a kid again, watching cartoons and stuff.

+15. Friendly Fires | Kiss Of Life
Heard this 4 years ago during the Summer and I would always make it a habit to listen to this song at least once a day. Really had a profound effect on my life.