WARMER MIXTAPES #797 | by Phil France of The Cinematic Orchestra

1. Philip Glass | Facades
Philip Glass is a constant go to and source of Inspiration for me and this piece illustrates why. I love the Repetitive Movement of the parts, the Chord Progression, particularly the arpeggiated strings. I like Elegant Slightly Melancholic tone, and the Economy and Choice of Notes in the Melody. You can superimpose your own feelings/Life experience here very effectively. This piece, originally written for the Godfrey Reggio film Koyaanisqatsi, can pretty much soundtrack anything.

2. John Carpenter | Assault On Precinct 13 (Main Title)
I can't think of any other Directors who soundtracked the films they've made, although I suspect there are plenty of Directors who wish they could. Minimal, Repetitive, Dark and Atmospheric with great Analogue Synth sounds, structures and melodies.

3. Portishead | Machine Gun
I'm a massive fan of Portishead's Third and consider it to be a work of Genius. It is endlessly absorbing and inspiring for me. Machine Gun has some fantastic beats and sounds on it, including the Carpenter-esque synths which work beautifully at the end of the track.

4. Vangelis | Main Titles (Blade Runner Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The Neon Future soundtracked for ever.

5. Clark | Herzog
I've always thought that Less is More but sometimes More is More. This is so expansive and accomplished. Naming a great track after a great Film Director also works for me.

6. Steve Reich/Kronos Quartet/Pat Metheny | Different Trains: America – Before The War
Looking back, picking up Different Trains/Electric Counterpoint from the Public Library in Huddersfield when I was at Sixth Form College is possibly the most significant event of my Musical life. Alex Ross in The Rest Is Noise states that Steve Reich is the Most Influential Composer in History. This is a Landmark Recording for me and listening to this was very Influential in my Musical Development.

7. James Blake | Retrograde
Towards the end of working on my record I had to go back into the Studio and get some extra things right. It was about the time this single was released. I Love the Analogue Synth sounds blazing through the middle of this track, up front and centre - just Love that attitude and that mix, and I found it really Inspiring. Such Soulful Phrasing too. Exceptional. I also admire the Creativity of his Production and the way he explores Form in his songs.

8. Steve Reich/Kronos Quartet/Pat Metheny | Electric Counterpoint 3: Fast
I considered including a number of other tracks at this point, particularly Boards Of Canada's Zoetrope and Aphex Twin's Jynweythek. But I opted for another piece by Steve Reich. I think I've been trying to re-create Electric Counterpoint since I first heard it 20 odd years ago and I still Love the chord change when it comes. The Orb sampled it in Little Fluffy Clouds.

9. Brian Eno | The Big Ship
A good friend of mine introduced me to the Oblique Strategies. Another friend in Berlin suggested listening to some more Eno records when I played him some sketches of my record. Brian Eno has been a constant source of Inspiration and ideas throughout the process of working on The Swimmer. I had to include some of his work and chose this track from Another Green World. His recent music for the TV Drama Top Boy in the UK was outstanding.

10. Robert Wyatt | Shipbuilding (Elvis Costello/Clive Langer Cover)
Robert Wyatt does one hell of a cover. I heard this on Marc Riley's show when he played it on his BBC 6 Music Show here in the UK. I hadn't heard it before, but was lucky because my girlfriend had bought the single when it first came out and still has the 45. I would also recommend listening his cover of Chic's At Last I Am Free.