WARMER MIXTAPES #796 | by Todd Foley [Diinch]

1. Hot Chip | Crap Kraft Dinner
Off the first album Coming On Strong which my brother bought for me when I was 16 or so. Original Vibes, probably one of the BEST tunes out there to date.

2. Paul Kalkbrenner | Aaron
Love those kinds of tunes that takes you on a journey, this is one of them and it puts me in a place I like to be.

3. Hot Chip | Baby Said 
Off that same album as Crap Kraft Dinner, Serious Sultry vibes.

4. @Peace | Flowers 
New Zealand Hip Hop, tells a pretty sombre story and takes you on that journey that Music should do.

5. James Blake | Unluck 
Production on this is Crazy Original, love it.

6. LCD Soundsystem | New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down 
Saw this Live at BDO (Music Festival) and it was their last song. It was slower then what I was hearing for most of that day, but it was a great way to end. Sad I may never see them again.

7. Daft Punk | Fresh 
I think I'd being lying to myself if I didn't put Daft Punk in here somewhere. It's not a Dancefloor tune, but it has those vibes of the Ocean, that Guitar Solo. Tune.

8. Rustie | All Nite
Has Disco vibes in it, but in Rustie's special way. So Original, such a tune... 

9. Shapeshifter | Long White Cloud
Soulful Drum And Bass at its finest, just go search it.

10. Billy Paul | Me And Mrs. Jones
The king that is Billy Paul. Some get drunken memories with the bros.