WARMER MIXTAPES #807 | by Oliver Rodigan [Cadenza]

1. Samiyam | Return
This was one of the first records that got me really interested in the whole Beats scene that was going in LA. It really got to me because I liked the way the Chords never really Resolve. It makes you feel kind of Uneasy when you hear it, but that’s what is so great about it at the same time.

2. The Whispers | It’s A Love Thing
This is simply a great Disco song. The opening riff sets the tone and almost takes you right back to that time before the beat even drops in.

3. Arca | Meditation
I came across Arca when I had seen that he worked on Yeezus. I had never heard of him before, but when I checked out his two EPs I was instantly in to this cut. The Synths bounce around all over the place and the Drums shudder through the track.

4. Banks | Warm Water
Banks is new vocalist from LA who I have been following and really enjoying. The backing track sounds like it was made underwater which perfectly complements what she is doing Vocally. I had this song on in my room and my parents both asked what it was, so it clearly appeals to people across the board.

5. Travi$ Scott | Quintana (feat. Wale)
I'm a huge fan of Travis and this was the first song which made me realise how big he could be. This beat brings Apocalyptic to new levels and the Visuals he made for this track were epic. I saw him perform this at a concert in New York and it went off!!

6. Wondagurl | Piano Winter Snow
I was over in Vienna last December working on Ryan Leslie’s new album. It was really late in the Studio and Cardiak said he had just received some beats from a 16yr old girl. I ran up where he was working and this was the first track he played. When the String riff started I had no idea what to expect and then the whole beat just switches on you before you even realise and we were all just jumping around screaming like yooooo, what is this??!!

7. Joe | R.E.J. Bit 
This record again harks back to my soft spot for Disco, but whats cool with this song is that Joe uses literally one tiny loop on repeat, but manages to keep it interesting for almost 5 mins just by using different Sound Trickery.

8. Moresounds | Analog Steak (Danny Scrilla Remix)
Danny Scrilla murdered this remix. He took a track that was already quite interesting and just took it somewhere totally different. It runs at that kind of Footwork Tempo, but it's like Half Step. Those Ninjaman Samples are so ominous as well and sit perfectly on this track.

9. Clams Casino | I'm God
No other way to describe this apart from a straight up Emotional record. I much prefer it to the Lil B version. It sounds all Ethereal and to be honest you could just leave this one on a loop and you wouldn’t get that bored.

10. Machinedrum | GBYE
Machinedrum is a wicked Producer and the mix on all his tracks is always so tight. He packs so much weight behind everything. There is no Intro, you are just right in the thick of it from the Start of the track as he starts building it up and stripping it down.