WARMER MIXTAPES #808 | by Aaron Triggs [Bleep Bloop]

1. Talking Heads | Life During Wartime
This, to me, is the most Prototypical Talking Heads song. I remember watching the Stop Making Sense Video Tape when I was a kid and having my mind blown by their Stage presence and how tight they were as a band. This was also my first introduction to Bernie Worrell, P-Funk’s Synth wizard who at the time of Recording had been a Touring member of the Talking Heads.

2. Tom Waits | Chocolate Jesus
Tom Waits is my favorite Song Writer of All Time I would have to say, and Chocolate Jesus is one of his best songs in my opinion. The song sheds great light on the Silliness of Religion plus, the Instrumentation and Percussion on this song and most of the rest of his catalog is just incredible. He is a huge influence to this day and you would have heard it a lot more when I was singing and playing Guitar all the time.

3. Parliament | P. Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)
Not the most Hype or booty shaking of P-Funk’s tunes but I Love the syrupy slow drippy vamp with what is basically a Spoken Word piece on top of it. It showcases on of George Clinton's many aliases, The Lollipop Man aka the Long Haired Sucker. Clinton's commentary on Funk and the World throughout the song is spot on and hilarious. The tune makes you want to hang out with the guy.

4. The Beatles | Dig A Pony
The Beatles are probably the Greatest Band of All Time, so it is hard to pick which of their songs you want to use for a list like this. I went with Dig A Pony which is on the Let It Be album. The band was falling apart and this was really their last hurrah all together. This tune is a classic example of what a witty guy John Lennon was because everybody thinks that it’s a Love song, but it is actually about his Drug Addiction.

5. Kit “Stymee” Stovepipe | What Can I Do For You (Sammy Timberg Cover)
Kit Stovepipe is my single biggest influence as a Guitar player. I first discovered him playing on the side of the vendor strip at a festival in my home town with a band called The Inkwell Rhythm Makers. This guy has a style that is a mixture of the Mississippi Delta Blues, Ragtime, Punk Rock, Jazz and a lot of other fingerpicking styles all rolled up into one. He also has an incredibly haunting voice that sounds like it's coming off of an old 78. This particular tune is a cover of a song that was written for a Popeye cartoon from the 1940’s. The cartoon is some sort of Popeye meets Aladdin crossover and the genie serenades you asking what he can do for you. This is the most Psychedelic Folk Music I’ve ever heard.

6. Mac Dre | Something You Should Know
This is the first Mac Dre song that I ever really fell in Love with. He went on to become one of my favorite MC’s. His flow is so natural it doesn’t sound any different than when he might be talking to you, but everything happens to be in Rhythm and Rhyme. In this song he weaves the tale of his meal out with one of his hoes. So Smooth. This tune just brings me back to eating Ecstasy and driving around with my friends.

7. Wu-Tang Clan | Protect Ya Neck
The Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with. For Real. This tune off of one of my favorite Rap albums of All Time highlights everything that is great about the Wu. Raw flows topped off with ODB spitting and a raw Grimy beat by Robert Diggs aka Bobby Digital aka the RZA. But on the real Wu-Tang is some of the first Hip Hop I really got into and that unraveled into a Life long Addiction.

8. EPROM | Dirty Diamonds (feat. Sleepyhead)
The only Electronic song to make it onto the list. To tell the truth I don’t listen to that much Electronic Music, but this chune has everything that I am looking for when I do. Just listen to the Synth work in the beginning, it is some serious melt your Psyche type shit like Auditory Ego Death, nahmean? Then they flip the Vocal with a Vocoder and get it into a bangin 808 beat. This whole Bay Area EP by EPROM is Fantastic.

9. Elvis Presley | Teddy Bear
A long time ago I was really into Elvis and this is my favorite song by him. I think it is my favorite because he really lets that warble in his voice freak out, sometimes you can’t even understand what he’s saying because he isn’t making any hard sounds with his mouth.

10. Sun Ra | Outer Spaceways Incorporated
This is the first of many Sun Ra songs that really struck a chord with me. I first heard it when I was watching his movie Space Is The Place. Listen to it and try to get the chorus out of your head. If you find Earth boring…