WARMER MIXTAPES #810 | by Sally Dige of Petroleum By-Product

1. Brooke Candy | Das Me 
So much Attitude, Style and great Music!

2. Ministry | What He Say 
Whenever I play this song it always reminds me of Jean-Paul Goude and everything Jean-Paul Goude-esque. I can just see the Lee Cooper Jeans and Kodac ads come to Life.

3. Terror Bird | Cemetaries
Terror Bird is the only artist who has ever had the ability to move me as that saying goes, Live. What a great Voice.

4. William Winslow-Hansen | Firebirds
I've had the pleasure to work with Winslow-Hansen on a few songs and this one is one of my favourites of his Solo Music. The man knows everything and anything about Synths, Technology, and Product Design. My first Synth I had ever bought had Originally been his, that he sold to another friend whom I bought it off of. I didn't know Winslow-Hansen at the time when I bought the Synth, but since Vancouver is a small city with an even smaller Synth-Pop scene, it was inevitable that we would someday meet, and collaborate together.

5. She Past AwaySanrı
I remembered having a hard time in the beginning tracking down this band after hearing one of their songs because I kept typing in, She Passed Away. I always wondered why no one did at least a Google Translate spell-check before solidifying the name, since the whole band is from Turkey and maybe English isn't their best language. However, after hearing their Music and then accepting the fact that they are probably the best band of Today, they could call themselves, Because I Sayed So and English would just have to Rearrange its Grammar. They are that good.

6. Count Mack | Theme Music (feat. Brooke Candy)
I pretty much just Love everything Brooke Candy does.

7. Hard Corps | Je Suis Passée
I Love the men with their head-mics in the video, and I Love the Vocals and the overall Music. Such a great Dance track!

8. Ace Of Base | Cruel Summer
Love the Bell hook and the descending Piano Keys which always remind me of ABBA. I also Love it when they say, Now don't you leave me, now don't you leave me, come on, come on! - so Pop! Only in Pop Music do people say... Now don't you leave me, now don't you leave me, come on, come on!... That's why I Love it.

9. La Bouche | Be My Lover
What can I say, I am revisiting my 90s Music phase again. The Hardest Dance Track Ever!

10. She Past Away | Rituel
I couldn't NOT list another She Past Away track. They are too good for words to express.