WARMER MIXTAPES #819 | by Lawrence LT Thompson of THE KIKI TWINS and Stars On 33

1. Gustav Holst | The Planets (Performed by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor: Andrè Previn)
Through Grade School and University, Classical Music always helped me through my studies. I have always been drawn to the beauty of this Orchestral Suite's Symphonic Urgency and Melodic moments.

2. Journey | I'll Be Alright Without You
Steve Perry's Voice, the Soul, the Passion. His ability to tell a story through Melody, Vocally Personified Pop Rock, in the 80s.

3. The Jackson 5 | Never Can Say Goodbye
MJ's voice is Energy!... This was one of the first songs that I always identified with, because of his High Vocal Register.

4. Bizarre Inc | I'm Gonna Get You (feat. Angie Brown) (Original Flavour Mix)
The first time I heard this song, I kept thinking to myself, why are they gonna get you? and completely confusing the lyrics as, you know you gonna be blind. Mind you, I sang those wrong lyrics for at least 6 years. LOL.

5. Jean Carn | Was That All It Was (Original 12'' Mix)
Sultry Soulful Vocals. Makes me wanna do the bus stop & pada beret... In Halston!

6. The 5th Dimension | Up, Up And Away
The Psychedelic and Cosmic Nature of this song has always made me want to go ride in their balloon. Unfortunately, I am afraid of Heights!

7. The Friends Of Distinction | Grazing In The Grass 
I never knew what the hell they were saying, but I always knew that every time I heard this song, it always made me Be Bop.

8. Sunday School | House Is A Feeling (Sunday School Mix)
Disco Church at its best!

9. Bill Withers | Lovely Day
This song puts me in the Right State of Mind whenever I hear it. It's the perfect song to get your day starting off lovely.

10. Inner City | Big Fun
NYC Underground Realness best served at a Tea Dance or After Afterhours! Categories are Open, Honey!