WARMER MIXTAPES #820 | by Adam Bozzetto [Grey And Patrice] of wordlife

1. Stretch | Why Did You Do It
I feel for the guy singing the song. Even tho the song is sad, I don't feel sad listening to it. Some stories in songs you can relate to just so easily, a Normal Story by a Normal Person. I have also performed this song Live and I will remember it to this day. The Instrumental makes you want to move.

2. Lupe Fiasco | Kick, Push
This track was the first Hip Hop song that I felt like I could relate to. Hip Hop was such a Cultural thing, and I definitely wasn't part of that Culture. But listening to this track I could imagine this story happening to me, this could have been my Teen years. I felt a connection with the kid in this story and I wanted to know more.

3. Chicago | 25 Or 6 To 4
I couldn't even tell you more than 2 or 3 more Chicago songs, but I fell like there is True Passion in this song. Also the combination of Vocals and Guitar makes you feel you are listening to something that was a Strong Force during a Different Time.

4. Chicago | If You Leave Me Now
The melodies of this song provoke Emotion like no there song that I know of. It's another song that is about something sad, but doesn't make you necessary feel upset.

5. The Gap Band | Outstanding
I think the Vocals Outstanding... Girl, you knock me out! are just cool. It's like I am going to sing about something that everyone has before, but I am going to make you feel it more by saying it in a cooler way.

6. J-Kwon | Tipsy
I just want to Party. Let's Party. In The Club. Get some drinks. I am going to Dance to Hip Hop now.

7. The Avalanches | Since I Left You
Makes me want to understand more about Other Genres of Music. Lets me know that All Types of genres can Sound Cool and make you feel Emotion.

8. Ian Pooley | Balmes (A Better Life) (feat. Esthero) (Single Edit)
If I need a holiday, this is the song I put on. I thought House Music was cheesy, until I heard this song. This is what it must feel like to be in the nice part of Ibiza, right.

9. Kendrick Lamar | Swimming Pools (Drank)
Drinking, it's cool. This might sound lame, but I would be more inclined to buy a beer while walking to work if this song was playing in my headphones. Maybe its an image thing.

10. Frank Ocean | Lost
Confused Youth, right. It makes me feel Sympathy for the Young People. I get impatient and often find myself saying, you got things easy, you are young, get over it. But this song helps me to understand that there are a bunch of new problems for young guys and we all have it just as tough as each other.